Raw Part of Reactor Base of Unit 4 of Akkuyu NPP Made

Raw Part of the Reactor Base of the Third Unit of Akkuyu NPP Made
Raw Part of Reactor Base of Unit 4 of Akkuyu NPP Made

Equipment production for Turkey's first nuclear power plant Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant (NGS) continues. Finally, an operation to open the raw pipe for the construction of the reactor base of the 4th unit of the power plant was carried out at the Volgodonsk branch of AEM -Technology, which is part of the engineering department of the Russian State Atomic Energy Agency Rosatom.

The opening process yields a 6×6 meter cast piece to form the base of the nuclear reactor. Plate forgings of these sizes cannot be transported, and the production technology does not allow welded connections on the part.

The operation, which is a technologically complex operation, was carried out in various stages in the heat press workshop. Tubular forged steel weighing over 80 tons and a diameter of 2,5 meters was preheated in the furnace at 2 degrees for about 800 hours. Then the forged steel was left in the heat for another 40 hours by raising the temperature of the furnace to 4°C. After this process, it was sent to the press machine with the help of a crane. Afterwards, the blank was opened using two molds with 10 thousand tons of pressure. The piece was sent to the oven for 2 hours for additional heating. In the second stage of the opening process, the pressing force reached a maximum of 15 thousand tons. Ultimately, the piece was converted into a completely square slab.

The base of the nuclear reactor will be formed by cutting a circle from the plate.

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