Education Sector Continues to Grow in Franchise Ecosystem in Turkey

Education Sector Continues to Grow in Franchise Ecosystem in Turkey
Education Sector Continues to Grow in Franchise Ecosystem in Turkey

The franchise ecosystem in Turkey is growing rapidly. According to UFRAD data, it is predicted that the market will close by 10 with a value of 2022 billion dollars, an increase of 55% compared to the previous year. While educational institutions take their place in the growing market, women entrepreneurs stand out in pre-school education.

The franchise system continues to create employment for entrepreneurs. According to UFRAD (National Franchise Association) data, the franchise ecosystem in our country, which reached a value of 2021 billion dollars in 50, is expected to reach 2022 billion in 10 with an increase of 55%. The system, which has risen again after the pandemic, also includes educational institutions. According to TUIK data, the need for pre-school education services is increasing for children, who make up 0% of the 17 million young population in the 22,7-26 age group in our country. With more than 28 years of experience, Istanbul-based Uçan Balloon Kindergartens offer a special franchise package to women entrepreneurs by making positive discrimination to meet this need.

Gülsüm Şentürk Yörük, the founder of Uçan Balloon Kindergartens, stated that they aim to meet the increasing need for preschool education with the franchise package and to encourage the presence of entrepreneurs in the education sector, and evaluated the issue with these words: “The rapidly developing technology is constantly changing the dynamics of the world and the conditions of life. The new generation is born into a digital planet. As an institution that has adopted the principle of versatility in education, we are expanding our corporate network with the franchise system so that children in our country can easily adapt to these dynamics and turn into self-confident individuals who can create their own values. We are paving the way for entrepreneurs, especially women, with the aim of disseminating quality education in preschool.”

Women entrepreneurs become the leaders of the education sector

Pointing out that women entrepreneurs who want to invest in their future create special franchise opportunities to increase their activities in the education sector, Gülsüm Şentürk Yörük explained that strong societies can exist with strong women, that they care about the strengthening of women's place in society, and that for this reason they find it very valuable that women take on more roles in the education sector: As an educational institution where women are also women, we are opening a business area that investors can manage with pleasure in our project where we prioritize women entrepreneurs. We help them become important players in the industry by sharing all our knowledge and experience with investors, from personnel selection to training, from monthly and annual plans to communication processes.” she said.

Investors take on multiple roles

Stating that they are working to increase their efficiency in many areas from training programs to employee experience in franchise collaborations, Uçan Balon Kindergartens Founder Gülsüm Şentürk Yörük said, “In order for our franchise partners not to remain just as investors, we convey to them all the stages of the operation processes in our institution. Starting from the date of our establishment, we ensure that they are included in all matters such as the procedures, education programs, children's diets, parent and teacher briefings prepared by experts. In this way, we believe that we will further increase the quality of our education model based on versatility, together with our business partners.”

The eclectic model in preschool education

Emphasizing that the eclectic understanding they apply in their education programs has many benefits for both the employees and the students, Gülsüm Şentürk Yörük said, “We have built our education system on the basis of applications where many models are used together. In this way, while we support the development of our students with methods in which they can bring their creativity to the fore, we also open the door for our employees to adapt to the requirements of the age by following the developments. Based on our 30 years of experience, we create a transparent and reliable form of communication with our students, employees and partners. We show the same devotion to our franchising investors and ensure that they become a part of our team.”

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