Between Buca Onat Tunnel and Konak Bornova Will Reduce to 10 Minutes

Between Buca Onat Tunnel and Konak Bornova Will Decrease In Minutes
Between Buca Onat Tunnel and Konak Bornova Will Reduce to 10 Minutes

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyerexamined the works on the Buca Onat Tunnel, which will ease the city traffic by reducing the distance between Konak and Bornova to 10 minutes. Stating that the giant investment of 1 billion 150 million liras continues despite the economic crisis, President Soyer said that the tunnel will be a leverage for Yeşildere EXPO and Buca Metro projects.

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyerexamined the Buca Onat Tunnel, which is one of the important legs of the project that will provide uninterrupted transportation between Buca and Bornova. Minister Tunç Soyer, received information about the works at the construction site in Buca for the tunnel works carried out within the scope of the second phase of the project that will bring Buca Homer Boulevard together with the bus station in Bornova. Mayor Soyer was accompanied by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General Özgür Ozan Yılmaz and Head of Science Department Hamdi Ziya Aydın.

Giant investment of 1 billion 150 million TL

President Soyer said, “When the works are completed, the tunnel, together with the viaducts, will reduce the 45-minute journey time between Konak and Bornova to 10 minutes. Therefore, this is a huge investment that will help the traffic in the city breathe. Currently, it has a budget of 1 billion 150 million liras with price increases, but this amount will reach 2 or 2 and a half billion liras at the end of the work. Such a big project will bring great relief to Izmir traffic. It works as a double tunnel. Two separate tubes are currently being excavated. Controlled blasting technique will be used from time to time inside the tunnel in order to progress faster in the excavation. We are advancing with highly scientific studies. Teams work in double shifts 35 hours a day with 24 construction machines. Our friends are working hard to finish the Buca Onat Tunnel and the other stages of the project earlier than the anticipated dates,” he said.

It will relieve the traffic of the whole city

President Soyer continued his words as follows: “We are also trying to cope with the economic crisis. But let me tell you this, the value and importance we attach to this work necessitates overcoming all crises and troubles. We continue to work hard for it. We will make Izmir breathe. City traffic will be extraordinarily relaxed. Buca and Bornova will be connected to each other very easily, but more importantly, it will create the opportunity to access the Konak Tunnel from the entrance of Manisa without being subject to city traffic. This is a project that will not only bring relief between the two districts, but also a great relief in the traffic flow that spreads throughout the city. The company we work with is also aware of the importance of this project and they are working hard to finish it as quickly as possible. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Department of Science Affairs teams are working together here," he said.

“It will not only save the present; It will also relieve our future”

Stating that investments continue resolutely to make İzmir a sustainable and resilient city in harmony with nature, Mayor Soyer said, “This tunnel will serve as a lever for both the Yeşildere EXPO Project and the Buca Metro. Both our tunnel and viaduct work between Buca and Bornova, the Yeşildere EXPO Project and the Buca Metro will breathe life into the future generations of the city. It will not only save our present, but also relieve our future. So we are very excited and happy. We weave İzmir with iron nets, while we pierce the mountains.”

The works are 35 meters underground

The excavation process, which started from the entrance of Buca on 20 June 2022, reached 25 meters in both tubes of the tunnel. In the tunnel works that continue 35 meters below the surface, 35 personnel, 8 of whom are engineers, are working with 103 construction machines. The maximum depth will go down to 90 meters in some areas.

controlled blasting

As of today (25 July 2022), controlled blasting technique will be used to accelerate the excavation works carried out with the "New Austrian Tunneling Method" (NATM) and to complete the project in a shorter time. Before the Metropolitan Municipality started this study, Okan University Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences Faculty Member Prof. Dr. Ali Kahriman and his technical team specialized in explosive engineering. Action was taken upon the scientific report that the technique would not have any negative effects on the buildings remaining on the tunnel route.

Planning with scientific data

In the light of scientific data, the shaking will be equivalent to a person walking in a circle during the works planned in a way that will minimize environmental problems from the amount of material to be used. Vibrations that will occur in the environment during blasting will be recorded with vibration meters. Excavation works to be carried out with the controlled blasting technique will not cause any negative effects on the remaining buildings on the route. The work will be done during the day.

Its length is 2,5 kilometers

İzmir's longest tunnel is being built with an investment of 559 million TL as part of the second phase of the “Buca-Onat Street and Intercity Bus Terminal and Ring Road Connection Road Project”. The length of the double tube tunnel will be 2,5 kilometers and will serve in a total of four lanes, 2 departures and 2 arrivals. The tunnel is planned to be 7,5 meters high and 10,6 meters wide. Along with the tunnel construction, two underpasses, 4 culverts, 4 intersections, 1 overpass and wall will be built in the third and fourth stages of the project.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality completed the construction of 2 viaducts, 2 underpasses and 1 overpass within the scope of the First Stage of the Connection Road between Buca Onat Street and the Intercity Bus Terminal and the Ring Road. The connection roads will be opened for use in the coming months after their lighting. With the opening of the viaducts and underpasses, the vehicle traffic in front of Bornova and the terminal will be relieved.

The bus station will be reached without entering the city traffic

The 7,1-kilometer route is 35 meters wide and consists of a total of 3 lanes divided into 3 arrivals and 6 departures, and a 2,5-kilometer double tube tunnel. With the tunnel and viaduct project, Çamlık, Mehtap, İsmetpaşa, Ufuk, Ferahlı, Ulubatlı, Mehmet Akif, Saygı, Atamer, Çınartepe, Center, Zafer, Birlik, Koşukavak, Çamkule, Meriç, Yeşilova and Karacaoğlan neighborhoods are crossed and there is a connection to the bus station from Bornova Kemalpaşa Street. will be provided. Vehicles passing through the longest tunnel of İzmir via Homeros Boulevard and Onat Street will be able to reach the bus station and ring road.

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