Support from Izmir Metropolitan to Ovine Producer

Support to Small Cattle Breeders from Izmir Buyuksehir
Support from Izmir Metropolitan to Ovine Producer

In line with the vision of "Another Agriculture is Possible" of Tunç Soyer, Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, support for small producers continues. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, whose number of sheep and goats distributed exceeds 13 thousand, donated 56 more animals to 218 producers in Beydağ this time. Speaking at the ceremony, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Mayor Mustafa Özuslu said, “They are your future. We will change this fate by making 3 10, 10 100, 100 thousand. It is in your hands to do this, and it is in our hands to support you.”

With the İzmir Agriculture strategy created in line with the vision of "Another Agriculture is Possible" of Tunç Soyer, the Mayor of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, the support for small producers continues increasingly. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, whose number of sheep and goats it has donated to date exceeds 13 thousand, has distributed 56 sheep and goats to 218 producers who have completed their training in Beydağ. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Mayor Mustafa Özuslu, Beydağ Mayor Feridun Yılmazlar, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General Ertuğrul Tugay, heads of cooperatives, unions and chambers, neighborhood headmen and producers attended the ceremony in the district.

He bought three sheep from the metropolitan and made a flock.

At the ceremony, Fatma Çetindağ, who started farming by taking advantage of the support of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and buying three sheep, spoke first. Fatma Çetindağ, who multiplied her sheep, said, “Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and its mayor are very valuable and sensitive. I have 48 sheep. I am very pleased. Know the value of sheep, do not sell. I have never sold. I looked and produced. Look and produce, too," he said.

“We will change this fate”

Deputy Chairman Mustafa Özuslu said, “Ms. Fatma summed up the whole business in two words. 3 sheep became a flock of 48 sheep. "There can be no better example than this," he said. Saying that the emphasis on agriculture is the goal of being a self-sufficient country, Özuslu continued his words as follows: “If you destroy agriculture, if you make it kneel, you will bring this country to its knees. It has no politics, no party. If you break the arm of the manufacturer, you will take delivery of this country. They know this well. In 2008, there were 1,1 million registered farmers. how much today? 493 thousand people! What happened to 600 thousand people? We will not ask this from Beydağ Square, but from where? This is what kneeling is. We are not going to these games. We will produce and stay where we are satisfied. Beydağ's children will be engaged in agriculture here.”

Stating that the distribution of small cattle will continue, Özuslu said, “They are your future. You will take good care of them. We will change this fate by making 3 10, 10 100, 100 thousand. It is in your hands to do this, it is in our hands to support you.”

“Tunç Soyer is our idol”

Beydağ Mayor Feridun Yılmazlar said, “On May 30, 2019, we distributed 130 sheep to 520 producers here. We went to the villages, we saw them on the spot. Their number now exceeds thousands. With the support we receive from the Metropolitan Municipality, we are implementing our President Tunç Soyer's vision of 'Another Agriculture is Possible' in Beydağ. He is our idol," he said.

Thanks from manufacturer representatives

Soner Kılıçaslan, President of the Kiraz Çömlekçi Agricultural Development Cooperative, said: "Our President Tunç Soyer and his teammates, who set out saying "Another Agriculture is Possible", not only supports us, but also directs you to agriculture and animal husbandry.

Beydağ Chamber of Agriculture President Ünal İçmesu, on the other hand, stated that the Agricultural Services Department was established within a municipality in İzmir for the first time in Turkey and said, “I would like to thank İzmir Metropolitan Municipality for its contributions to us”.

Support rain from the Metropolitan in 3 years

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality provided significant support to Beydağ between the years 2019-2022, as well as to all districts of the city. A 6-ton milk cooling tank was donated to the Beydağ Agricultural Development Cooperative in order to expand the cooperatives and support their marketing opportunities. In order to develop small-scale fisheries in the dam lake, 2 boats were given for the use of SS Beydağ Fisheries Cooperative partners.

Within the scope of the Fire Resistant Ecological Afforestation Project, a total of 41 thousand 735 fruit saplings were distributed in various neighborhoods. Salep tubers grown in the agricultural land of Beydağ Municipality were purchased for the development and dissemination of local plant species. Production material support was given to farmers who received training on oyster mushroom cultivation. Within the scope of Diseases and Pests in Plant Production project, 809 kilograms of eye stones, 956 protective glasses, 434 liters of juniper tar and 946 liters of bleach were distributed for cancer in chestnut trees. A total of 99 sacks (2 kilograms) of lamb rearing feed were donated to 892 producers within the scope of the Support for Small Livestock Breeding project, and 144 small cattle were given to 600 producers.

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