Şanlıurfa Traffic is Managed with Intelligent Signaling

Sanliurfa Traffic is Managed with Intelligent Signaling
Şanlıurfa Traffic is Managed with Intelligent Signaling

Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality has been producing solutions to the traffic jam experienced especially at the intersections, with the 'smart signaling system'.

With the smart signaling system established in the city and in the districts within the scope of the plan and program, it is aimed to prevent accidents while saving time in traffic.

Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department, which aims to minimize the long vehicle queues that occur from time to time in the main arteries of the city, has installed smart signaling systems at 120 different intersections so far.

Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality carries out routine maintenance and repair work of signaling systems with a 7/24 service approach. The personnel of the Intelligent Transportation Systems Branch Office, which intervened in momentary breakdowns and accidents, started the cleaning and modernization processes of 120 signalized intersections and electronic equipment throughout the province.

Safe transportation in traffic is ensured by maintaining and cleaning the industrial panel, infrastructure cables, vehicle counting cameras and warning LED lights. The malfunctions occurring at the intersections, which are constantly monitored by the officials in the traffic control center, are immediately resolved.

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