Presidency for Turks Abroad and Related Communities Will Receive 16 Contracted Field Experts

Presidency of Turks Abroad and Related Communities
Presidency of Turks Abroad and Related Communities

In order to be employed in the Presidency for Turks Abroad and Related Communities, Table-657 within the scope of "Principles on Employing Contracted Personnel" put into effect with Article 4/B of the Civil Servants Law No. 06.06.1978 and the Council of Ministers Decision dated 7 and numbered 15754/1. A maximum of 11 contracted field experts will be recruited by conducting an examination for the 16 positions specified.

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The number of personnel to be recruited according to the relevant fields and positions is given in Table-1. If there are not enough candidates among the applications made for a position, who meet the application requirements and qualify for the written exam, or who successfully pass the oral exam as a result of the written exam, the Exam Commission may transfer the quota reserved for the said position to another position in the same group.

1- Candidates will submit their applications electronically, through the application link to be announced on the website of the Presidency, through the application system, where they will log in with their TR ID number and E-Government password. Candidates who do not have an e-Government login must first create an account in the application system.

2- Entrance exam applications will start at 25.07.2022:09.00 on Monday, 26.08.2022 and end at 18.00 on Friday, 3. 03- The dates and times stated in this announcement have been determined according to the time zone of the Republic of Turkey (Advanced Eastern European Time Zone UTC+00:XNUMX).

4- Candidates must complete their applications through the application system in an error-free and complete manner and submit them electronically. The applications of the candidates who do not complete the application process will not be recorded in the system, and the candidates in this situation will not be able to claim any rights. Candidates who realize that there is a deficiency or error in their information should withdraw their applications until the end of the application period and make a new application.

5- Candidates can apply for a maximum of one position. Applications of candidates who submit more than one application will be deemed invalid. Candidates in this situation will not be able to claim any rights.

6- The graduation information of the candidates can be automatically inquired from the Higher Education Institution (YÖK) through the application system. Candidates who have errors/incomplete information or whose graduation information has not been received from YÖK must manually enter their updated information.
They are required to upload their graduation certificates in PDF or JPEG format to the application system.

7- Candidates who have graduated from education institutions in the country or abroad, if any, and who have equivalence to the relevant departments regarding the educational status sought in the advertisement, must upload their equivalence documents in PDF or JPEG format to the application system.

8- Candidates whose contracts are terminated by their institutions or whose contract is terminated unilaterally while they are working full-time in 4/B contracted personnel positions in public institutions and organizations, in order to certify that they have completed the one-year waiting period, apply for the approved Service Document in PDF or JPEG format from their former institutions. must be installed on the system.

9- Male candidates who are Turkish citizens must upload their military status documents to the application system in PDF or JPEG format, which they will download from E-Government.

10- Candidates must upload their passport photos taken within the last six months in JPEG format to the application system.

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