Mermaid Women's Sailing Cup to be Held for the 7th Time This Year

Mermaid Women's Sailing Cup Will Be Held Once This Year
Mermaid Women's Sailing Cup to be Held for the 7th Time This Year

The "Mermaid Women's Sailing Cup", the only organization in Turkey where only women compete, will be held for the 3th time on 4-2022 September 7.

The Cup, which will be attended by university teams as well as corporate and individual teams, aims to support and develop women's interest in sailing, to train new athletes and to increase the public's interest in sailing.

Organized under the auspices of the Turkish Sailing Federation and in cooperation with the Istanbul Sailing Club, the “7. Mermaid Women's Sailing Cup” will take place on 3 – 4 September this year. This year, the Cup will be held on the Fenerbahçe - Adalar - Caddebostan track as 1 day geographical and 1 day buoy races.

The races, which will be held with the participation of IRC and Traveler group boats, can be attended in three different categories as corporate, individual and university teams. Having Diana Misim, Arzu Çekirge Paksoy and Serap Gökçebay in the organizing committee, the Cup also has a social responsibility dimension that reflects women's sensibility. Every year, a part of the income of the Cup is supported by a respected non-governmental organization that works for women or children. This year, TOG and AÇEV will be supported with some of the income from the Cup.

In the Cup, which was held for the 7th time this year; More than 50 female athletes, 80% of whom were introduced to sailing for the first time, competed, including more than 500 women's sailing teams. Mermaid Women's Sailing Cup, organized to introduce women to the sport of sailing, to enable them to experience the team spirit and to highlight the power of women; With its media reflections, it has reached approximately 40 million people since the first day.

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