KIPTAS Izmit Cinar Houses Reunited With Their Owners

KIPTAS Izmit Cinar Houses Reunited With Their Owners
KIPTAS Izmit Cinar Houses Reunited With Their Owners

The cooperation of İBB subsidiary KİPTAŞ and İzmit Municipality, which started 18 months ago, bore fruit. The 'Turnkey Ceremony' held for 4 residences and 143 commercial units in 5 blocks that KİPTAŞ completed; CHP Deputy Speaker of the Parliament Haydar Akar, IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlu and Izmit Mayor Fatma Kaplan Hürriyet. While Akar said, "We are witnessing good examples of our 11 metropolitan municipalities, district municipalities and provincial municipalities," İmamoğlu underlined that they produce work wherever there is demand. Sharing the information that KİPTAŞ rose 500 ranks and ranked 7th in the list among the top 11 companies operating in the construction sector in their own time, İmamoğlu said, “KİPTAŞ is the property of the people of Istanbul, the property of the nation. All of our productions are in favor of the people,” he said.

The foundation of "İzmit Çınar Evler" in Arızlı District, which was realized with the cooperation of KİPTAŞ, a subsidiary of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (İBB), and İzmit Municipality, was laid on 28 December 2020. KİPTAŞ completed the project, which aims to produce "disaster-oriented social housing", in approximately 18 months. “Turnkey Delivery Ceremony” for İzmit Çınar Evler, CHP Deputy Speaker of the Parliament Haydar Akar, President of IMM Ekrem İmamoğlu and Izmit Mayor Fatma Kaplan Hürriyet. Many citizens who are entitled to the project were also present at the ceremony area.


Pointing out that one of the common problems of Istanbul and Kocaeli is earthquake-resistant residences, Akar said:

Akar said, "On the one hand, we must produce new houses, and on the other hand, we must eliminate the earthquake-proof buildings as soon as possible and build new buildings in their place," Akar said. When you build a house, there is no need for a house for 30 years. You don't need 30 years when you build roads and 30 years when you build a courthouse or hospitalize. But in 'living cities' like Kocaeli and Istanbul, you need housing every day. You need a hospital every day. You need the road. For this reason, these cities are not only cities to be managed and managed by central governments. Therefore, municipalities and local governments have a great responsibility. After the last elections, we are witnessing good examples of our 30 metropolitan municipalities, district municipalities and provincial municipalities. The two mayors who carried out these examples are now standing in front of me. Municipalities do not just collect garbage. Municipalities don't just build pavements. Municipalities do not just pour asphalt. These are the main duties of mayors. The success of the mayorship is an indicator of how much you put forward the services that people and people need. The two best examples of this are Mr. İmamoğlu and Mr. Kaplan before us.”


Reminding that they laid the foundation of the project in December 2020, İmamoğlu said, “We embarked on this work in a really difficult time. But showing the ability to do business in difficult times raises that sense of trust in the society. Succeeding in difficult times, doing good works on behalf of the public and society also brings self-confidence to the society. During the most severe period of Kovid, the increase in foreign currency and the deep economic crisis shook us all. And in the country, we are now having a lot of difficulty even calculating the cost of a job. Sometimes it happens that in order to talk about economic data while entering a meeting, we are in such a troubled process that the list in the middle changes when leaving the meeting," he said.


Saying, “The economy does not deteriorate on its own, the economy does not suffer a crisis out of the blue,” İmamoğlu said: “Inflation does not go from single-digit numbers to triple-digit numbers out of nowhere. In this sense, let us express to all the government representatives, who use the economic crisis environment in the world as an excuse, that our people should know that; Unfortunately, we managed to be the country that failed the most in this economic crisis, in terms of numbers and data, where our people were deeply impoverished and the purchasing power of the society hit the bottom, at the same time the costs increased and the income parks in between grew the most. What a painful bill. Of course, our people have the knowledge, foresight and desire for transformation that will bring them back. These will be too. It's very close. We will succeed. Together we will succeed. But while we succeed, unfortunately, we will have to engage in a great mobilization and a great struggle to bring our country, which has hit the bottom, to the level first, instead of taking it from somewhere and moving the level higher.”


Emphasizing that he is proud of bringing such a project together with the citizens during the economic crisis, İmamoğlu conveyed his thanks to all stakeholders who contributed to the project. Noting that when they came to Kocaeli and started this project, they received criticism from some circles, "If you are serving, come do it in our district," İmamoğlu said. 'Invite us. If you have suitable and reasonable land, we would be happy to come.” Regardless of the district of Kocaeli, we produce earthquake resistant projects. We deliver quickly. In other words, if 10 districts of Kocaeli had shown the product that resulted from our cooperation with Izmit Municipality, where Fatma Hanım was the locomotive, we would have easily delivered 1,500-2000 houses in Kocaeli today. But we clearly did not see that courage. What is that courage? Today, I'm talking about standing against the transformation, marginalization and almost 'don't greet each other' mentality that the government has shown. They could not show that opposing stance,” he said.


Emphasizing that they produce work wherever there is demand, İmamoğlu shared the information that KİPTAŞ rose 500 places in the list among the top 7 companies operating in the construction sector in their own time and ranked 11th. “It is maybe the second, maybe the third among companies that do business only in the country. In that context, we will continue at this pace in favor of the public. We know that KİPTAŞ is the property of the people of Istanbul, the property of the nation. Therefore, all our productions are to produce social housing, earthquake fighting, durable cities for the benefit of the people. Look, we think about the future of cities. We talked about the 2050 vision, we announced the 2050 Vision Document. This vision document concerns both Kocaeli and Tekirdağ. It concerns the whole of Marmara. It even contains data that the whole of Turkey will take as an example. We have three years of work," he said.


Emphasizing that Istanbul and Kocaeli have to be earthquake resistant cities, İmamoğlu noted that he came to the region after the 1999 earthquake. Saying "May Allah not let him live again", İmamoğlu said, "We are praying. But it is the Creator's command to us; It is up to me to take precautions. Prayer is for us, for us to take refuge in the Creator; thanks. But the Creator gave us intelligence, logic, technical and administrative skills. It's easy to use. We will use this and hopefully we will create a resilient city together," he said. Celebrating the next Eid-al-Adha of the citizens, İmamoğlu showed the Istanbul Foundation as the address of worship. İmamoğlu reiterated his call to the citizens to perform their sacrifices through the Istanbul Foundation.


Noting that they do not have a majority in the council as a district municipality, Kaplan also used the following statements:

“We do not have the support of the government. We don't have a support like the big city. He has a lot of debts and troubles on him. We tried to find solutions instead of making decisions between our words, 'How will we realize our promise that we will build houses that will change the understanding of social housing in this city'. Pandemic period, deepening economic crisis... Despite everything, we tried to find solutions instead of complaining as much as we could, with the idea that everything has a solution. And we said, 'We have Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality like lions.' We knocked on his door right away. Thank you, Mr. President, without hesitation, he said, 'Let's start working right away'. We talked together about 'What can we do in Izmit, which can be a pioneer, set an example', not only in social housing, but also in many fields. And as a result, the first project we started was this project. 18 months ago, here, we laid the foundation for this project. But the foundation laid here was not just the foundation of a housing project. 'Here, Izmit and Istanbul. We said, 'We are laying the foundation of a strong union between the Metropolitan Municipality'. And it really did. While we have a huge power like Istanbul right next to us, we had the opportunity to put forward concrete projects and embodied in this path that we started with the idea of ​​how we can provide much more public benefit to this city and its people by showing solidarity with Izmit and Kocaeli.”


Stating that they received 20 times the number of applications for the Izmit Çınar Evler project, Kurt said, “This work is a work that has emerged with the joint cooperation of our Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Izmit Municipality and KIPTAS. As KİPTAŞ, we aimed to show some of our talents in the sector in a short time. There are 22 projects consisting of 13 independent units with a total investment value of 389 billion, which we laid the foundations for and completed during our three-year tenure. Our goal by the end of the year is to lay the foundations of 20 independent units with an investment value of 5,5 billion. Moreover, while we are making these productions, in the most difficult period of our country in terms of economy, under pandemic conditions, we were with KİPTAŞ in the past, despite the IMM Assembly, which is now completely opposite. While it was a company that could not enter tenders and owed billions of lira, today it has become a company that produces works for the benefit of society, prioritizes social benefit, and has a strong economic structure.


After the speeches, lots were drawn in the presence of Yılmaz Yeşil, the 3rd Notary of İzmit, to determine the flats of the beneficiaries. Akar's draw, Ecem Karakurt; Citizens named Senem Sirmen won the draw drawn by İmamoğlu and the draw drawn by Hakan Şıpka and Kaplan. The delegation toured the sample flat after the drawing of lots.

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