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Kalkan Villa Holiday


Kalkan is one of the distinguished holiday districts in the Mediterranean Region. Kalkan, located in the Kas district of Antalya province, is one of the must-see places that will be admired by those who want to take a vacation, especially in summer. It is waiting to be seen with its magnificent beaches, unique landscapes and various accommodation opportunities, as well as historical open-air museums, natural beauties, hot sun and unique sea.

Accommodation in Kalkan

There are countless luxury accommodation opportunities in Kalkan. There are many options for finding the accommodation that best suits your personal preferences in the resort town where there are many 5-star hotels. In addition to luxury hotels, there are also luxury rental villas for those who value privacy and tranquility.

Rental Villas in Kalkan

Luxury villas are located in the best places of Kalkan in order to allow you to spend your holiday in the best way possible. Kalkan villa rental You should definitely consider the option for a holiday. All the features you want are available in these villas. In general, the villas have indoor and outdoor pool options, luxury bathrooms and jacuzzis, multiple kitchens and everything else you need. At the same time, the villas are quite far from others and are designed with privacy and security scales to protect your personal space.

How to Rent a Villa in Kalkan?

Many rental villas in Kalkan can be rented with one click. Especially the search engine. Kas Kalkan villa for rent If you type, you will see many options. You can choose the one you want from many options with the sites you can access over the internet.

Why Choose a Villa?

There are many advantages of choosing a rental villa as an alternative to 5-star luxury hotel holidays. Above all, the villas, which provide privacy and privacy conditions, allow you and your family to have a holiday alone as you wish, without being disturbed by anyone. However, it provides an environment where you can spend time together and use it as your home for large families and groups of friends with many people. In addition to all these, it also allows you to spend a holiday more suitable for your budget. For those looking for a quiet and peaceful environment, the pleasure of a villa holiday and the unique atmosphere of Kalkan are worth a try.

Villa Options

Among the many rental villas in Kalkan, you can choose the one that suits you best. There are villas where you can stay with your nuclear family for 2-3 people, as well as villas where you can stay with 15 people. The content of the villas is quite diverse and all facilities are provided in line with your requests.

Villa Prices

The prices of the villas in Kalkan generally start from 1.000 TL per night and can go up to 5.000 TL. However, we note that these prices are not per person. Because by renting a villa with 10 jobs together, a 1-week vacation will be quite appropriate.

Natural Beauties of Kalkan

With the villa holiday, you can see all the natural beauties and historical artifacts of the town you are in as you wish, regardless of any hotel and meal times. Kalkan offers you countless possibilities in this regard. The old ancient city in Kalkan carries the traces of the Lycian Civilization to the present day.

With the open air museum, places where history and nature are intertwined await you. In Kalkan, where you can enjoy the habitats of world-famous caretta carettas and world-famous beaches, the villas are intertwined with all natural and historical beauties.