Invitation to Successful Young People from ASELSAN

ASELSAN Invitation to Successful Youth
Invitation to Successful Young People from ASELSAN

ASELSAN Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School, which was established to contribute to the training of the qualified workforce needed in the defense industry, is waiting for its new students who want to step into a bright future. The school, which has an English preparatory class, will take 96 more students in this preference period.

High School Entrance Exam (LGS) results were announced on 30 June. According to the published guide, high school preferences that started on July 4 will continue until July 20. ASELSAN Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School (MTAL), which was established in Ankara to contribute to the training of the qualified workforce needed by the defense industry, is also ready for its new students. Established in order to offer the most qualified human resources to the sector, the school also has an English preparatory class. Comprehensive theoretical and practical training for the sector is given at the school, which will receive 96 students in this preference period.

The choice of the most successful students

ASELSAN MTAL continues to be the choice of the most successful students. ASELSAN MTAL, which has received students from the first percentile since its establishment in 2019, admitted students from 2019 percent in 0,46, 2020 percent in 0,33, and 2021 percent in 0,55. ASELSAN MTAL has an outstanding 5-year training content in two branches, "Defense Electronic Systems" and "Defense Mechanical Systems". The curricula of both branches were developed specifically for the needs of the defense industry, with a working team formed by ASELSAN and the Ministry of National Education General Directorate of Vocational and Technical Education. Some of the field and branch courses were planned to be given by ASELSAN trainers. Some of the in-service trainings of school teachers are also given by ASELSAN employees. In addition, the establishment and equipping of defense industry-oriented workshops and laboratories within the school is also carried out in cooperation with ASELSAN, the Presidency of Defense Industries and the Ministry of National Education.

Employment priority at ASELSAN

Issues such as giving priority to the employment of field graduates at ASELSAN and granting scholarships to suitable graduates during their higher education in case they study in engineering departments of research universities that are of interest to ASELSAN are planned for the upcoming period. In order for students to recognize and follow today's technologies, design and project-based education opportunities in fields such as robot and mobile programming are also included in the school's education program. Students are encouraged to participate in intramural and national math competitions. The computer laboratory and library established within the school also offer research opportunities for students. In order for students to have an integrated vision with the world, a 24-hour English lesson program has been prepared in the preparatory class.

ASELSAN support is always with students

ASELSAN Chairman of the Board and General Manager Prof. Dr. Haluk Görgün said, “We provide our students with internship opportunities at ASELSAN. We give success scholarships to our students who meet the success criteria, starting from the tenth grade. In addition, within the scope of ERASMUS+ Accreditation, we are planning to include ASELSAN MTAL teachers and students in international mobility programs and enable our students to do internships abroad. We aim to guide successful students who have graduated from this high school and to provide scholarships as much as possible under the auspices of ASELSAN when they continue to university. All students at the school are also mentored by ASELSAN employees. We meet our technical staff needs from vocational high schools and vocational schools. The people who come from here understand our culture. kazancost is of great importance. With our Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School, while we train intermediate staff with high technology, we are also raising human values ​​that share a certain culture and value suitable for the defense industry, which is important for Turkey.”

There are also social opportunities

ASELSAN Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School provides education with an infrastructure that can contribute to the development of students with sports and cultural activities as well as all academic opportunities. The music room within the school was established so that students could learn to play various instruments in the company of music teachers. Thanks to the indoor gymnasium and the fitness center equipped with modern equipment, a healthy environment has been created where students can do team sports and individual activities. With nature and winter sports activities, it is ensured that students do not break their relationship with nature.

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