BİLSEM Summer Schools Will Open Its Doors to Nearly 900 Thousand Students

Summer Schools Will Open Their Doors To Nearly A Thousand Students
Summer Schools to Open Their Doors to Nearly 900 Thousand Students

Minister of National Education Mahmut Özer stated that nearly 4 thousand students applied to mathematics and English summer schools and support and training courses (DYK), which will be implemented for the first time on July 900 this year. Özer said, “We are starting mathematics summer schools with 16 thousand 294 courses and 414 thousand 731 students, and English summer schools with 11 thousand 566 courses and 327 thousand 104 students throughout Turkey. Nearly 140 applications came to our support and training courses. Our registration for BİLSEM summer schools continues.”

Minister of National Education Mahmut Özer answered questions about mathematics and English summer schools, summer support and training courses, and science and art summer schools in science and art centers (BİLSEM) within the scope of the Ministry's "mathematics" and "English" mobilization.

Özer, mathematics and English summer schools for all levels in primary school, middle school and high school; He noted that the science and art summer schools in BİLSEMs will start as of July 4 at all levels, from the 2nd grade to the last year of high school.

Emphasizing that the registrations for mathematics and English summer schools and support and training courses have been completed and the registrations for BİLSEM summer schools continue, Özer said that with the application in mathematics summer schools, children and young people love mathematics and make this course the most important instrument in their hands to encourage analytical thinking, read data and make projections. stated their aim.

In this context, Özer stated that many studies have been carried out in areas such as mathematics workshops, material development and teacher training, and said that they aim to carry out the first applications of the studies in mathematics summer schools this summer.

Minister Özer gave the following information about mathematics summer schools:

“We are starting mathematics summer schools with 16 thousand 294 courses and 414 thousand 731 students across Turkey. Our students will receive training for 12 hours a week and 4 hours at the end of 48 weeks. In the summer school, fun activities and life-based learning processes were planned for students to create positive attitudes towards mathematics. Life-based activities such as research, travel and observation studies, model making and presentation were included.

Thus, we are starting our summer schools with an inquiry-oriented perspective that includes out-of-school learning environments, emphasizes interdisciplinary interaction, and allows students to experience their assumptions. The content prepared both deals with daily life problems in an interdisciplinary context and includes sustainable development goals and the history of mathematics. In this respect, our summer school program is the first to have a mathematics content covering different fields.

TRT cooperation in English summer schools

Minister Özer said that within the scope of foreign language mobilization, activity-based framework programs were also prepared from English lessons in order to improve speaking and effective communication skills. Özer stated that a protocol was signed with the Turkish Radio and Television Corporation (TRT) in order to use the educational content in classes and summer schools, to organize activities, and to develop printed and digital teaching materials.

Noting that English summer schools will also be implemented for 12 hours a week, a total of 48 hours in a month, Özer said:

“Themes that will attract the attention of the students during the summer school period, that they can be actively involved in the process, and that they will enjoy learning, have been prepared in the curriculum prepared. These themes were determined by considering the developmental levels of the students. In our summer schools, activities based on mutual communication and conversation, games, songs or drama activities will also be used. We are continuing our preparations for the creation of a magazine that supports summer school education, which includes entertaining, scientific and intriguing information, to be included in the framework programs in our English summer schools at high school level.

As of July 4, English summer schools will be launched in 11 thousand 566 courses and with 327 thousand 104 students across Turkey. Thus, 27 thousand 860 students enrolled in a total of 741 thousand 835 courses across the country in our mathematics and English summer schools opened by our Ministry for the first time this year. We are very pleased with the interest shown by our students to the summer schools of our Ministry.”

Nearly 140 applications to DYKs

Minister of National Education Özer stated that the support and training courses (DYK) to be organized for 8th and 12th grade students this summer will be started with the participation of close to 31 thousand students in 641 thousand 140 course centers.

“Thus, we are launching our summer term courses with the participation of 881 thousand students. Registration for BİLSEM summer schools will end on July 2 and will start on July 18. We also prepare activities for summer schools in 55 different workshops for BİLSEM summer schools. Our workshops will be waiting for our students in areas such as creative writing, mind games, music, thinking education, virtue workshop, visual arts, aviation, space, modern physics and robotics.”

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