Obstacles in Transit for Turkish Transporters Remove One by One

Obstacles in Transit for Turkish Transporters Remove One by One
Obstacles in Transit for Turkish Transporters Remove One by One

The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, drawing attention to the fact that the obstacles in transit passages for Turkish transporters have been removed one by one, stated that with the quota increase in the first half of this year, the number of additional transit documents has reached 265, and that international transport from Turkey has exceeded 820 trips.

The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure made a statement on road transport. Stating that there were changes in the supply chain after the epidemic that affected the world and after the Ukraine-Russia crisis, the statement said, “Our country has grown out of this process with its strong logistics infrastructure and corporate transportation sector. Especially as a result of the initiatives made in the last 2 years, it has an important place in the field of international road transport, which constitutes the backbone of the logistics sector. kazanions were obtained. With the strengthening of the Middle Corridor, the power of Turkish transporters in transit is also increasing. This kazanAs a result of these initiatives, our exports accelerated. kazanit was”.


The statement, which was noted that the studies were continuing in 2022 and the meetings were held with the countries, continued as follows:

“As a result of the recent studies carried out by our Ministry, the number of transit pass documents in Hungary increased from 36 thousand to 130 thousand in a short time. By removing tolls with Serbia, an annual exchange of 25 thousand multiple-entry documents began. Greece transit pass document quota was increased from 35 thousand to 40 thousand. Half of these documents were provided free of charge. With the Turkish-Bulgarian Land Transport Joint Commission (KUKK) Meeting, the number of transit pass documents was increased from 250 thousand to 375. With the Turkish-Romanian KUKK Meeting, it was decided to liberalize transit transports and to remove tolls from transports as of 1 May. The liberalization of transit transportation with Romania, an EU country, has been an important milestone in overcoming the obstacles in our international transportation. obtained on the routes to Greece, Serbia, Hungary, Bulgaria and Romania. kazanThanks to these transfers, our transporters are now able to transport to Europe much easier and cheaper. This kazanWith these investments, there will be an increase in our exports to Europe.”

In the statement, which stated that negotiations were held not only with European countries, but also with Central Asian countries, "With the KUKK Meeting held with Georgia, which is the main transit route for our transportation to Central Asian countries, the liberalization process of bilateral and transit transportation was initiated. For this purpose, quota restrictions were removed. When the necessary infrastructure works are completed, the information regarding the transports will be exchanged electronically. In addition, with the Turkey-Kazakhstan KUKK meeting, the quota increased after years and the number of bilateral documents was increased from 8 thousand to 10 thousand; The number of transit documents was increased from 2 thousand to 15 thousand. As a result of the negotiations with Russia, a total of 11 thousand 20 additional transit documents were obtained, including 4 thousand bilateral, 500 thousand transit, 3 thousand 35 third country. In addition, while the total pass document quota was 500, the total quota was increased to 16.500 thousand as of 2023. As a result of these studies, with the quota increase in the first 61 months of 2022, the number of additional pass documents reached 6 thousand. In the first 265 months, the number of international transports made from our country increased by 6 percent compared to the same period of the previous year and exceeded 20 flights.

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