Tea Enjoyment Accompanied by Live Music at Süleymanpaşa Beach

Enjoying Tea with Live Music on the Suleymanpasa Beach
Tea Enjoyment Accompanied by Live Music at Süleymanpaşa Beach

The Wagon Cafe, which Süleymanpaşa Municipality brought to Süleymanpaşa Beach, serves the people of Süleymanpaşa with live music on the seaside on weekends.

On Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings throughout the summer, the orchestra, consisting of talented young students from the Süleymanpaşa Municipality Conservatory, offers enjoyable concerts with their repertoire of popular songs on the stage set in the sea. Citizens can enjoy sipping tea while listening to live music by the sea, sitting under the palm trees, on the beach or in the stands built in the amphitheater arrangement at the Wagon Cafe.


With its different appearance and concept, reasonable price and quality service, Wagon Cafe has become one of the new attraction centers of Süleymanpaşa by appealing to people of all ages on the coast of Süleymanpaşa. The young people who give concerts on the weekends to both the customers of the Wagon Cafe and the people of Süleymanpaşa who want to spend a pleasant time on the beach, which has been saved from the idle state by the Süleymanpaşa Municipality, are appreciated for their talents and offer a pleasant alternative for the weekend.

Günceleme: 27/07/2022 11:05

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