Çandarlı Pond Drinking Water Treatment Plant Put into Service

Candarli Golet Drinking Water Treatment Plant Put into Service
Çandarlı Pond Drinking Water Treatment Plant Put into Service

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality İZSU General Directorate has put another facility into service in line with the goal of providing uninterrupted drinking water to every part of the city. The Drinking Water Treatment Plant established in Çandarlı purifies the water collected in the Çandarlı Pond and meets the water needs of the people living in the region.

İZSU General Directorate solved the water problem in Dikili, one of the popular touristic districts of İzmir, with its investments. İZSU, which renewed the drinking water lines of the region last year, took the Çandarlı Pond Drinking Water Treatment Plant into service in order to further improve the quality of life of the citizens in the region.

19 million 500 thousand lira investment was made

The treatment plant started to serve approximately 45 thousand people with a capacity of 25 lt/sec. The facility, which was designed to meet the drinking water needs of the increasing summer population, was completed at a total cost of 19 million 500 thousand liras.

The facility provides 4 cubic meters of water per day.

The facility, which treats the water collected in Çandarlı Pond in accordance with the Regulation on Water Intended for Human Consumption, provides the region with 4 cubic meters of drinking and utility water per day. The water treated at the facility is delivered to the public via the existing network line.

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