Beware of Nose Bleeding in Hot Weather!


Ear Nose Throat Diseases Specialist Assoc. Dr. Yavuz Selim Yıldırım gave information on the subject. If we have nose surgery in the summer, will it bleed too much? Do nose functions deteriorate in hot weather? Can rhinoplasty be done in summer? How does nasal congestion affect our health?

Dr. The information shared by Yıldırım is given as follows:

“In the summer months, with the effect of hot weather and the intense use of air conditioners, nosebleeds increase, the nose has a very rich structure in terms of blood vessels. Dry hot air weakens the protective layer inside the nose, increasing the tendency to bleed.

  • Those with bleeding problems
  • People who use blood thinners,
  • Those with blood pressure and nasal allergies are more likely to experience nosebleeds.

If we have nose surgery in the summer, will it bleed too much?

The season has no direct effect on the surgery. However, sunbathing and wearing glasses are limited for those who want to combine nose surgery with vacation. Especially those who come from abroad and want to have surgery and have a holiday in our country should reduce their movements a little due to the hot weather after the surgery, drink plenty of fluids, otherwise they may experience dizziness, lightheadedness and fainting due to fluid loss. Hot air should increase the loss of fluid and salt, the blood pressure should decrease by expanding the vessels, and the fluids lost due to sweating and evaporation should be replaced.

Do nose functions deteriorate in hot weather?

Hot air can increase the tendency to bleeding by increasing the dryness of the nose.

How to Solve Nasal Congestion? Shall we use nasal spray, sea water?

As a solution to nasal congestion, first use sea water! If it does not open, there may be other structural problems. See a specialist doctor. Trying other sprays masks the problem, making the solution more difficult. For example; Some nasal sprays are addictive and negatively affect our health.

Can rhinoplasty be done in summer?

It can be done in any season. Rhinoplasty patients only need a little time. They only need time for the edema and swelling of the skin – subcutaneous tissue to pass.

How does nasal congestion affect our health?

As a result of nasal congestion, we cannot breathe enough while running, climbing stairs, doing sports during the day and our heart gets tired.

Congestion of the nose causes sleep apnea (stopping breathing during sleep) by obstructing breathing at night. Sleep apnea negatively affects the body by causing increased blood pressure, deterioration of heart rhythm, and disruption of sleep patterns. The risk of heart attack and stroke increases due to blockage at night. It creates a tendency to sleep during the day, irritability, forgetfulness, tooth decay, dry mouth in the morning and a bad taste in the mouth.

The solution to all of these is actually very simple, breathing normally through the nose.”