Arrangement Works Continue on Level Crossings in Mersin

Regulation Works Continue at Level Crossings in Mersin
Arrangement Works Continue on Level Crossings in Mersin

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality and TCDD teams continue their maintenance work for the revision of the rail systems and the arrangement of the damaged ground at the level crossings, which are worn out due to excessive use.

After the work carried out at the 100th anniversary level crossing in the past days, the revision and arrangement process was carried out by the TCDD teams at the points where the rail system is located at the Gazipaşa level crossing, which is located on Gazipaşa Boulevard and is frequently used by especially heavy tonnage vehicles.

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality teams, on the other hand, completely renewed the asphalt floor, which forms the superstructure of the Gazipaşa level crossing, as it was in the 100th Year. Metropolitan Municipality road construction, maintenance and repair teams first completely scraped the damaged ground in the passage. After the revisions made on the rails, the Metropolitan Municipality teams applied the hot asphalt paving process.

The work on the level crossing, which was temporarily closed to traffic, was completed in a short time and a ground was created where pedestrians and individuals with special needs could easily pass as well as drivers.

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