Ankara Seğmen Uniform Received Geographical Indication Registration

Ankara Segment Dress Received Geographical Indication Registration
Ankara Seğmen Uniform Received Geographical Indication Registration

Taking action to transfer the tradition and culture of the capital to future generations, Ankara Metropolitan Municipality has now received a geographical indication certificate for the "Ankara Seğmen Dress". ABB applied to the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office for the first time and officially registered its 'segmen suit'.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, which continues its efforts to transfer the local elements that shed light on the history of the capital and become its symbol, to the next generations, broke new ground.

As a result of the studies carried out jointly with Ankara Club and Ankara Maturation Institute, Ankara Metropolitan Municipality applied to the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office for the 'Ankara Seymen Dress/Ankara Seğmen Dress' and received a geographical indication registration.


With the initiative of ABB, the regional and traditional costume of the Seğmen tradition identified with the Başkent, the 'segmen outfit', was registered as a product with a geographical indication and thus it was taken under protection.

Prioritizing the promotion of Ankara's values ​​and continuing its work with the aim of branding the city, ABB made the first geographical indication application to the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office on June 6, 2022, and obtained the registration certificate of 'Ankara Seymen Giyim/Ankara Seğmen Giyim'.


Rural Services Department Head Ahmet Mekin Tüzün stated that the Seğmenlik tradition is a cultural heritage and that it has survived to this day by preserving it in its historical and national spirit.

“As Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, we have completed the work we started to get the geographical indication of Seğmen/Seğmen Dress, which is one of Ankara's very important cultural treasures. Seğmenlik, which is an integral part of Turkish culture; It is the embodiment of courage, wisdom and discipline. Seğmens, who came from the Ahi tradition and served as an armed security force at the time, contributed to the cultural life of the people in a very serious way over time. In our recent history, our leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, when he came to Ankara in the National Liberation Movement that he started, was greeted with a Segmen Regiment. Seğmenler is a community that has declared its commitment and belief in the War of Independence. As ABB, we have received a geographical indication for the first time for the clothing that has this cultural treasure, which is one of the most important cultural assets of our city and is kept alive by the Ankara Club, and we will ensure that this clothing is passed on to the next generations in accordance with tradition. Our work on obtaining geographical indications for both agricultural and cultural products of Ankara will continue at full speed.”

The Rural Services Department also prepared a booklet introducing the 'Segmenlik/Segmenlik Tradition'. While old archive photographs are included in the booklet, it is aimed to inform the citizens of the Capital about the past, present and future of the Seğmenlik tradition.


Seğmen clothes, which are among the important values ​​of Ankara and worn on special occasions; Osmaniye atelier consists of camadans, gold or silver glitter embroidered winged cepkens, brocade vests, knee ties, mohair socks, half knee pads, zivgaes, velvet or broadcloth vests with mortar on the front, İzmir vests, eight-eyed straw knitted arms and efe belts.

Shoes called Yemeni, caps called caps, and silk trousers called kefiye are among the other elements that complete the outfit. The tradition of seğmen, which is tried to be kept alive, aims to help the society understand the importance of unity by getting rid of the loneliness of city life with the ferfene meetings, especially the teachings of kindness, honesty and honesty in the way of being a healthy society.

The Segmenship, which Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk inherited with the words “Keep the Segmenship Tradition Alive”, establishes a strong connection between the past and the present, and symbolizes the way of life that embraces the social historical identity, not only consisting of games and music, but also training the soul and body.

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