Youth Festival FestZ Starts Tomorrow at Museum Gazhane

Youth Festival FestZ Starts Tomorrow at the Museum Gazhane
Youth Festival FestZ Starts Tomorrow at Museum Gazhane

Istanbul's new youth festival FestZ is getting ready to bring the Z generation together. FestZ, which will start as of tomorrow and continue over the weekend, will host many different events. At the festival, which will be held under the main sponsorship of Akbank, concerts such as Sefo, Şanışer, Sokrat and İkilem, workshops, talks and events from experienced names will meet with young people. It will be enough to register for FestZ, where participation is free of charge, on the website.

The youth festival FestZ, which will be held for the first time this year, is getting ready to open its doors tomorrow at the Museum Gazhane. The festival, which will be held with the main sponsorship of Akbank and hosted by MediaCat and which will bring together the Z generation, will bring together entertainment and experience with many different events.

The festival, which can be attended free of charge by registering at, offers more than 50 events. From concerts to autograph events, from talks to workshops, from stand-up shows to live podcast events, events with different themes will meet with the representatives of Generation Z.

Experience, fun and inspiration will be experienced at FestZ

FestZ, which will open its doors to young people as of 08.00:3 tomorrow, will host tens of thousands of young people at the Museum Gazhane. All ages will be open to the FestZ, where experience, entertainment and inspiration will be the focus for XNUMX days at Museum Gazhane, one of the new cultural structures of Istanbul.

Signature events of the technologies that shape the future, creative heroes of the literary universe, concerts of the young people's favorite artists and events with dozens of themes will be with the youth at FestZ. It is possible to participate in workshop events where participation is limited, by registering.

Art, music and humor will be with young people on the first day

The first day of FestZ will start with the Pilates and Cardio Exercises event and the young people will have a vigorous start to the festival. IMM President Ekrem İmamoğluThe festival, which will also take part in, will continue with many different activities. Young people who will be able to participate in three different signing events, workshops and talks will have fun with the Dilemma concert at the closing of the festival, and then complete the first day with the stand-up show of Tuzbiber, one of the most watched stand-up teams on social media.

Rock legend Queen movie screening, rap star Sefo concert

Akbank Youth Academy Inspiration by Akbank, the main sponsor of FestZ SohbetIt will be the meeting point of advanced events and workshops. In this context, on June 10, Burcu Civelek Yüce with Oğuzhan Saruhan “Overcoming the data frenzy and becoming a digital leader”, Levent Erden and Selda Özçalık “Technology Trends”, on June 11 Zeynep Arınç and Candaş Şişman “New Horizons in Digital Art”, On 12 June, panels on “Farewell to Individual Heroes: Social Entrepreneurship and Solidarity” will be held with Beril Alakoç and Itır Erhard.

In Akbank Zone, university students will have an experience where they can benefit not only their own development but also social development with the Good State of the City project.

In addition, Akbank FAV skateboarding track and entertaining training and workshops for young people will both have fun and gain knowledge in many fields.

On the second day of stand-up shows and autograph events, Sefo, one of the star names of the rap world, will be on stage. After the Sefo concert, Bohemian Rhapsody, which tells the story of famous rock legend Freddie Mercury and Queen, will be screened.

Generation Z, who accepts differences, will have fun with different types of music

On the last day of the festival, the activities will meet with young people at full speed. Workshops of experienced names from the business world, well-known authors from the literary universe and successful artists will continue at FestZ. After the interactive talk by Cem Workers, the stage will be devoted entirely to music. Carnival's music section, which will start with a DJ performance, will continue with the sponsorship of Akbank, with Ediz Hafızoğlu and rap artist Kamufle. KÖFN, one of the young groups of alternative music, will give the stage to the experienced names of the rap world Şanışer and Sokrat ST after meeting with the youth, and the youth festival FestZ will end after the concert.

The heart of entertainment will beat at the Museum Gazhane on 10-11-12 June

Young people will make a strong start to the summer with musicians, comedians and stage performers for three days on 10-11-12 June. Influencer meetups, pop culture sohbetYoung people will have the opportunity to access different experiences at the same time, with autograph sessions, game sessions and street delicacies to be held with authors, as well as inspiration seminars and creative portfolio meetings. Participation in FestZ can be provided completely free of charge after registration.

You can visit the program section of the FestZ website for the program details and times of FestZ, which will start tomorrow.

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