Where Will 4 New Metro Lines Be Built in Ankara? President Slow Announced

Where the New Metro Line Will Be Built in Ankara, President Yavas Announced
President Yavaş Announced Where 4 New Metro Lines Will Be Built in Ankara

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor, Mansur Yavaş, in his 3rd year, announced to the citizens of the Capital City the ongoing and completed projects prepared within the scope of the management approach. President Yavaş said, “We took action for 4 different Metro works, namely Dikimevi - NATO Road, Koru Metro, Bağlıca - Yaşamkent Line, Keçiören - Forum Line, Kızılay-Dikmen line. We wish the Ministry to take action for the Airport Metro as soon as possible," he said.

While citizens showed great interest in the opening, groundbreaking and promotion ceremony of 110 projects held in Ankara Sports Hall, Yavaş explained to the people of the Capital the mentality change they brought to life in the city, “Our craziest project in the past 3 years has been the sense of justice and brotherhood we brought to the city. This is exactly the point where someone has been looking for concrete, plastic, looking for rent for 3 years, and couldn't make sense of the love felt for us when they couldn't find them.”

The opening, groundbreaking and promotion ceremony held at Ankara Sports Hall; CHP Chairman Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, Felicity Party Chairman Temel Karamollaoğlu, many political party representatives, deputies, mayors and thousands of capital city residents attended.


Stating that they have implemented the İstasyon Street Alternative Boulevard Project, which will benefit 1,5 million citizens living in Sincan and Etimesgut every day, Yavaş said, “We completed the boulevard with a cost of 126 million liras. Prime Ministers, Ministers, Mayors promised this project, but it was our privilege to do it. We are proud of this together with 6 million Ankara residents. We are also laying the foundation of our 3-lane road widening project in the direction of the city center, which will radically solve the traffic problem of the current Istasyon Street.

ABB President Mansur Yavaş, who explained that they have completed 3 crossroads and 15 connection roads at emergency points, for 8 years, considering the safety of life of the people, said:

“Today, we are officially opening our Eşref Akıncı Front, Kayaş 19 May, Mavi Göl Entrance and Panora AVM Front Köprülü Junctions and Ankara Boulevard-Sabancı Boulevard Connection Road projects, which we have completed in the last year. We have completed these projects with a total cost of 100 million TL. Today, we start our first phase works on the 11-kilometer-long OSTİM-Beytepe Connection Road and the 19-kilometer Bilkent-İncek-Gölbaşı Boulevard by laying the foundation. I would like to open a parenthesis for the TRT Front Bridge Interchange. I know, we had to make our fellow countrymen wait a bit here. In order not to disturb the residents at night, we were able to work in coordination with the Provincial Police between 10.00:16.00 and 1:XNUMX. As the winter season lasted longer than expected, concrete could not be laid for about XNUMX month, but most importantly, there were major disruptions in the supply chain due to the negative developments in the economy. In particular, we have completed the infrastructure works on site and separated the lines that have been confused for years. We will complete this project, which will be at world standards with its infrastructure and art structures, in a few days and put it at the service of the people of Ankara.”

Yavaş said that they have completed 9 bridges and 33 culverts with a total cost of 35 million TL in order to contribute to agricultural production and provide ease of transportation in farming practices.


Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş made the good news expected for the new metro lines in Ankara. Mayor Yavaş, who made a speech before the concert program to be held before the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality 3rd Year Project Ceremony event held last night, gave information about the ongoing projects. One of the most important topics that stood out in the speech was the metro projects that the people of Ankara had been waiting for a long time. In particular, the non-stop Kızılay metro and the Esenboğa Airport metro, which Keçiören residents are waiting for, came to the fore.

Referring to the expected metro projects in his speech yesterday, Mayor Yavaş said, “We took action for 4 different Metro works: Dikimevi - Nato Road, Koru Metro, Bağlıca - Yaşamkent Line, Keçiören - Forum Line, Kızılay-Dikmen line. We wish the Ministry to take action for the Airport Metro as soon as possible," he said.

It has been announced that 4 new metro lines will be built by Ankara Metropolitan Municipality and 1 metro line will be built by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure. The Esenboğa Airport metro project, which is of great importance in terms of transportation to the airport in Ankara, has been given to the ministry.

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