Village Schools Turning into Living Centers

Village Schools Transform into Living Centers
Village Schools Turning into Living Centers

The transformation of village schools into living centers and the promotion of village life centers within the scope of the mathematical mobilization project by the Ministry of National Education took place in Samsun with the participation of Minister of National Education Mahmut Özer.

Speaking at the introductory program held at the Alanlı Recep Asal School of Mathematics and Nature, Minister of National Education Mahmut Özer said, "How can we transform village schools, how can we use them actively?" He stated that his idea turned into a concrete project in a short time like two months. Stating that he is happy to take the first step of the project of turning village schools into living centers in Samsun, Özer conveyed his thanks to Samsun deputy Çiğdem Karaaslan, Samsun Governor Zülkif Dağlı and Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mustafa Demir, who contributed to the project.

Expressing that Turkey has undergone a significant transformation in education in the last 20 years, Minister Özer said that the problems of access to education at all levels, from pre-school to secondary education, from secondary education to higher education have been resolved.

Stating that all obstacles to the importance of education, from headscarf bans to the coefficient application, have been removed, Özer also said that the problems of girls' access to education have been resolved in the last 19 years.

that Turkey continues on its way with new stories in education; Noting that they make great efforts to raise young people who make domestic and national initiatives in the production of science and technology and who have internalized the values ​​of the society, Özer continued as follows:

“Village schools have emerged as a result of migration to districts, from districts to cities, and from there to metropolises. Our Ministry has started the bussed education process. In other words, he did not leave our children in village schools alone. We have come to this day by transporting them to the nearest education unit free of charge and by providing free lunch for each student they carry. In particular, the Kovid-19 outbreak started to trigger the first steps towards the return to the villages, and all these transformations related to the problems in the food supply chains, which are on our agenda today, the revival of agriculture, and the re-focusing on agriculture... We have taken action to bring in the village life, to transform it into a village life center. We have discussed the issue with our Deputy Ministers, general managers, NGOs and other stakeholders for about 6 months and we took the first step. As the first step, we have made the regulation change regarding the fact that village schools can serve as primary schools in the 2022-2023 academic year. In the next academic year, our village schools will be able to serve as primary schools at all points of need.”

Stating that the village school can be used as a primary school in cases where it cannot be used as a primary school, Özer said, “As the Ministry, our biggest priority this term is to increase access to pre-school education. We made one more regulation change. And we reduced the requirement for ten students to open a kindergarten in villages to five. With just this step, twelve thousand of our puppies have reached kindergartens and nursery classes. In the third step, if it cannot be used as a primary school and kindergarten, we have started working on it being used as a public education center.” he said.

Minister Özer stated that they aim to reach one million citizens every month through public education centers in 2022-2023; He said that approximately 2021 million citizens in 5 and 2022 million citizens in the first 5 months of 6 benefited from public education centers.

Stating that the target is to reach 12 million citizens by the end of the year, Minister Özer said, “70 percent of our trainees who benefit from public education courses are women. We provide all kinds of support to make our women stronger, to meet their educational needs and to stand on their feet in the labor market with public education centers. Therefore, our third expansion in village life centers will be public education centers. In public education centers, we will have the opportunity to open approximately 3 different courses that our citizens need, and we will bring that service to our citizens. " said.

Minister Özer noted that these areas can also be used as youth camps if there is a need and the physical space is suitable; He stated that from primary school to kindergarten, from public education center to youth camp, they will be transformed into places that citizens use actively.

Wishing the project to be beneficial, Özer also thanked the philanthropist Recep Asal.

The project aims to be a part of nature by touching and feeling, not observing nature; Atakum Alanlı Primary School, which could not be used as an active education unit with the cooperation protocol signed with the philanthropic businessman Recep Asal, was implemented within the scope of the Ministry of National Education's Transformation of Village Schools into Village Life Centers and Mathematics Mobilization Project.

Alanlı Recep Asal School of Mathematics and Nature education program; It is carried out in workshops where nature, science and art are intertwined. Mathematics workshop; It aims to help children acquire mathematical concepts through nature, discover mathematics in nature, and remove their prejudices about mathematics together with their love of nature. Thanks to the ecology and life skills workshop, the most suitable solutions for nature are found in nature.

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