Toyota Presents an Ambitious Model in the World of All-Electrics with the bZ4X

Toyota Presents an Ambitious Model in the All-Electric World with the bZX
Toyota Presents an Ambitious Model in the World of All-Electrics with the bZ4X

Toyota brings a different perspective to the world of zero-emission vehicles with its first all-new, 100% electric model, the bZ4X. Toyota is preparing to offer a range of zero-emission models under the bZ “Beyond Zero” sub-brand, starting with the bZ4X SUV.

“Manufactured with 30 years of electrical experience”

Making statements during the press test drive of the all-electric model bZ4X, Toyota Türkiye Pazarlama ve Satış A.Ş. CEO Ali Haydar Bozkurt said, “Our new electric model stands out as the fruit of Toyota's 30 years of electric vehicle development efforts. Toyota's all-electric vehicles will again be in a position to lead the segment with their high efficiency and unique battery usage guarantee. With its “Beyond Zero” strategy, our brand continues to offer the most suitable solution alternatives on the road to carbon neutrality, including hybrid, rechargeable hybrid, fully electric and fuel cell systems. With the acceleration of electrification efforts, Toyota aims to sell 2025 million electric vehicles annually by 5.5 globally. In this process, there will be 70 models in the product range, 15 of which will be zero-emissions. The new Beyond Zero sub-brand will further strengthen Toyota's environmental leadership beyond simply offering zero-emission vehicles to the environment. We will soon begin to see the reflections of the brand's multi-product strategy in Turkey. We continue our infrastructure preparations and we will carry out our launch activities in Turkey depending on the availability of vehicles in Europe. We will further strengthen our product range with BEV (100% electric) vehicles that we will add to our product range. Today, we will further increase the number of our hybrid customers, which exceed 62 thousand, with new zero-emission and low-emission models.”

Powerful engines with Toyota's electrification experience

Toyota has produced powerful electric motors with high efficiency thanks to its many years of electric vehicle development work. At the same time, it succeeded in maximizing the range with its energy efficiency management. Revealing this experience in the bZ4X model, Toyota offers front-wheel drive and four-wheel drive electric motor options in the bZ4X.

The front-wheel drive bZ4X is equipped with a responsive 150 kW electric motor. The vehicle, which produces 204 PS power and 266 Nm torque, will accelerate from 0-100 km / h in 7.5 seconds and its maximum speed will be 160 km / h.

The all-wheel drive bZ4X is equipped with 80 kW engines front and rear. With a maximum power of 218 PS and a torque of 337 Nm, the all-wheel drive bZ4X accelerates from 0-100 km / h in 6.9 seconds. The use of the front and rear engines has been adjusted to make the average power consumption more efficient. When driving low torque, it is powered only by the front engines.

The Toyota bZ4X model features X-MODE, which is the first on the market for an all-electric SUV and offers class-leading off-road capability. It has Grip Control driving modes at speeds below 20 km/h in heavy snow/mud terrain conditions and below 10 km/h in more intense off-road driving. Thus, the bZ4X can get the best traction in all road conditions and continue on its way. While the driver focuses on the steering wheel, the vehicle adjusts its speed on uphill, downhill or flat surfaces. The driver can also use Hill Descent Assist Control when going downhill. Toyota bZ4X also has a water penetration depth of 500 mm with its waterproof durable battery.

The bZ4X is the first model to be built on Toyota's new electric vehicle architecture, the e-TNGA. The completely new architecture offers flexibility that can also be used in future bZ models. On the e-TNGA platform, the battery is positioned under the chassis. This results in a lower center of gravity, ideal front/rear weight balance and higher body rigidity.

A world first: butterfly steering wheel for more intuitive driving

Toyota bZX

Toyota is also preparing to present the innovative butterfly steering system in the bZ4X model. The One Motion Grip system, which will be offered for the first time in the world with the bZ4X, stands out with its electronically connected steering wheel that has a different steering wheel design and provides more intuitive driving. The One Motion Grip system is planned to be available in Europe in 2023. The system, which responds much more quickly with much less movement compared to the traditional steering wheel, has an electronic connection between the wheels and the steering wheel instead of a mechanical connection. Thus, the new steering wheel, which reacts to the slightest movements, makes driving more fun and dynamic. The steering wheel, which has approximately 150 degrees from lock to lock, facilitates maneuvers while parking, making turns in U bends and driving on curvy roads much more enjoyable.

10 years or 1 million kilometers battery warranty

Toyota's all-electric SUV, bZ4X, has a high-density 96-cell lithium-ion battery. The operating range of the battery with a capacity of 71.1 kWh is -30 and +60°C.

Using Toyota's first water-cooled battery, the bZ4X maintains power efficiency by ideally cooling each cell. The heating system, including the efficient and effective heating pump, keeps the batteries in the ideal operating range at sub-zero temperatures. Relying on its superiority in battery, Toyota guarantees that the battery will have at least 10 percent capacity up to 1 years or 70 million kilometers of driving with its comprehensive maintenance programs. Driving 1 million kilometers is equivalent to recharging the battery from zero to full 2200 times, or charging it once every 10 days for 2 years.

Range up to 516 km on a single charge

The European version of the Toyota bZ4X is designed to be charged without any problems even at low temperatures. The battery can be charged with fast charging without compromising safety or service life. Accordingly, with the 150 kW fast charging system, 80 percent capacity can be reached in around 60 minutes.

The official WLTP measurement performance of the bZ4X proves that the vehicle is ambitious when it comes to range. The front-wheel drive model can travel up to 7 km with an efficiency ratio of 516 km/kW. The four-wheel drive version has a range of 6.3 km with an efficiency ratio of 470 km/kW.

Solar panels provide 1800 km of extra range per year

The solar panels, which will be offered as an option in the bZ4X model, can store energy to charge the battery or operate the vehicle's systems. It is estimated that it can store energy with a range of 1800 km per year on sunny days, or 140 km, equivalent to 11.7 smartphone charges per day.

Free design brought by electric cars

Toyota used a new design language in the bZ4X model, which does not have an internal combustion engine and is built on a completely new platform. Revealing its unique design at first glance, bZ4X offers a fluent and powerful design language while preserving the basic features of an SUV model. The front view of the vehicle is completely clever and devoid of excessive embellishments. The design is characterized by a new “hammerhead” shape that defines the brand, and slim LED headlights are also a signature feature.

The flowing lines of the bZ4X are also visible when viewed from the side. The low hood line, elegant A-pillars and low body line reflect the vehicle's low center of gravity. Muscular fenders and rims that can be preferred up to 20 inches in size also refer to the SUV character of the vehicle. At the rear, the lighting group that shows the width of the vehicle draws attention.

The cabin is spacious and comfortable

The interior of the Toyota bZ4X has been designed to offer the spaciousness and comfort of a saloon. This feeling is furthered by the use of soft, woven upholstery on the dashboard, satin-finished details and the option of a panoramic roof. The front panel, which is positioned thin and low, improves the viewing angle and increases the feeling of spaciousness.

In the driver-oriented cockpit, designed with the principle of "hands on the steering wheel, eyes on the road", the 7-inch TFT display screen is positioned directly at the driver's eye level. The center console, on the other hand, was evaluated as a “social” area and adapted to the cabin design. The vehicle has a 20-liter storage space in the accessible section for everyone. At the same time, many storage compartments were positioned in individual areas inside the vehicle. While creating a special atmosphere with LED cabin lighting, the front seats, which can be adjusted electrically depending on the version, are also offered with heating and cooling features.

Available with an 8-inch or 12.3-inch touchscreen multimedia display depending on the version, the bZ4X uses the latest Toyota Smart Connect system. With its advanced features and voice control system, it provides access to many functions from the vehicle's infotainment screen, including its air conditioning and windows.

Instead of a conventional gear lever, the bZ4X features a new control knob. While forward or reverse gear is selected by turning the rotary knob to the left or right, the park position is taken by pressing the button.

Advanced safety and assistance systems with Toyota T-Mate

Toyota's all-electric bZ4X does not compromise on safety by being equipped with the new generation Toyota T-Mate system with active safety and driver assistants. With new and improved features, it can prevent accidents by reducing many risks. Advanced technologies are designed to protect other road users as well as occupants, as part of Toyota's goal of zero traffic accidents or injuries in future mobility. The bZ4X model also reduces the risk by combining the third generation Toyota Safety Sense systems to help prevent accidents. Among the safety and assistant equipment, there are features such as Forward Collision Prevention System working with Emergency Guidance Assistant, Adaptive Cruise Control, Road Sign Recognition Assistant. In addition, the Safe Exit Assistant detects vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians approaching from behind and warns the occupants when the door is opened, thus preventing accidents.

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