Heroes of Fire Worked Uninterruptedly

Heroes of Fire Worked Relentlessly
Heroes of Fire Worked Uninterruptedly

The fire that broke out in the forest area 5 days ago in Muğla's Marmaris district was brought under control with land and air interventions. Özge Karabulut Coşan, the helicopter pilot of the General Directorate of Security Aviation Department, who participated in the work from the first day, directed the aircraft that participated in the extinguishing efforts by detecting the burning areas from the air.

With one of the helicopters belonging to the Aviation Department of the General Directorate of Security, an image was taken from the region, and the newly burned areas were determined. The helicopter, whose images were transmitted through the mobile station, directed the other helicopters used in the extinguishing works to the burning areas as a result of the correct determinations, thus speeding up the extinguishing efforts. kazanyelled.

High Definition Camera System

Özge Karabulut Coşan, the co-pilot of the helicopter that took the image, said that she participated in the work from the first day. Coşan, who works at the Aviation Department of the General Directorate of Security, said, “We were assigned to transfer images with the onset of forest fires. We deployed our helicopters to Dalaman Airport Command. From the first day, we take images of the fire response operation and transmit it to the relevant data centers and institutions. Our helicopter, which has a high resolution camera system, has electro optics, low light and thermal modes. In our helicopter, we clearly display the fire response and the situation at the time of the fire, and deliver it to the data center and various relevant places, including Ankara, via the mobile station. We installed the mobile station at Marmaris District Police Department. We can take images in an area with a radius of approximately 100 kilometers and we can transfer these images.”

Stating that as airman cops, they go to every duty with calm and discipline, Coşan said, “Being a woman doesn't have much of an effect on this issue. After all, I'm a cop too. We were very sad to see all the fire from the air, the feverish intervention and the new fires, I felt bad emotionally," he said.

The first and only female pilot of the Gendarmerie General Command, who responded to the forest fire in Marmaris, Lieutenant Colonel Hülya Eker is proud of completing her mission successfully.

The Gendarmerie served both on land and in the air in the Marmaris fire, which was brought under control by air and land intervention after it broke out in the Hisarönü Mahallesi Bördübet and Yedi Adalar regions on Tuesday, 21 June.

The Gendarmerie, which responded to the fire with 12 helicopters belonging to the Gendarmerie Aviation Presidency, played an important role in controlling the fire.

The Gendarmerie's Female Pilot Also Served

Among those who used those helicopters was Lieutenant Colonel Hülya Eker, the first and only female pilot of the Gendarmerie. Eker, who has been working in the district for 3 days, has thrown about 100 tons of water on the flames.

He participated in the helicopter cooling operation of Eker, who is proud of his duty to protect the “green homeland”.

Eker stated that the Gendarmerie also participated in firefighting activities in 2003.

Expressing that they played an active role in fire extinguishing activities by flying a thousand hours in the forest fire that took place in Marmaris last year, Eker noted that they flew 12 hours with 750 helicopters this year.

Explaining that he decided to become a pilot in the first year of 1996 when he came to the Military Academy, Eker said:

“My dreams have come true. I worked in many areas, especially operational activities. The forest fire mission was a special mission for me. I am honored and proud that I took part in fire activities and contributed to its control. We stand by and at the disposal of our nation in all matters, such as forest fires, just as we are self-sacrificing in operational activities.”

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