Nutrition Recommendations in Summer During Pregnancy

Nutrition Tips for Summer During Pregnancy
Nutrition Recommendations in Summer During Pregnancy

Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialist Op. Dr. Meral Sönmezer gave important information about the subject. One of the positive aspects of being pregnant in the summer is nutrition. With the warming of the weather, frying, heavy meals, pastries and heavy desserts are consumed less and they are replaced by fresh summer fruits and vegetables. In this way, expectant mothers who eat light, healthy and fruit-vegetable-weighted can tolerate the negative aspects of pregnancy more easily. So how should it be fed?

Limit Your Salt Consumption

Especially in hot weather, salt also has an edema-increasing effect. For this, it is important not to increase the amount of salt added to the food.

Consume Fresh Vegetables

During pregnancy, thoroughly washed green vegetables can be preferred. In addition, parsley, green pepper and tomato, which are rich in vitamin C, are also good choices for body immunity.

Remember to Limit Fruit

When it comes to summer fruit, everyone thinks of melon and watermelon. However, fruits containing high sugar content should be consumed with caution by expectant mothers. Eating excessive watermelon can cause weight gain and high blood sugar in expectant mothers with gestational diabetes.

For Plenty of Water

Drinking water both helps your body to replace the water lost and is considered the healthiest beverage during pregnancy. Especially in summer, you can drink 2-2,5 liters of water.

Ice Cream to Cool Down

Ice cream, which is indispensable for summer months, should be consumed with caution. Instead of coneless and chocolate-covered ready-made ice creams, plain and natural fruit ice creams or sorbet can be preferred.

Avoid Carbonated or Sugary Drinks

These are just products that increase the amount of sugar in your body and provide no other benefit. It is beneficial not to consume these drinks that do not contain vitamins and minerals. Instead of these, you can drink ayran, kefir or milk rich in vitamins and minerals.

Eggs for Protein

Adequate protein intake during pregnancy is very important. Eggs, which are a true source of protein, are among the foods that draw attention at this point. In summer, instead of consuming meat products every day, you can sometimes choose to eat eggs.

Vitamin D Source: The Sun

Summer months are very ideal for us to store vitamin D. By going out to the sun for 15 minutes every day, you can have vitamin D that you cannot get from food. Of course, being careful not to get burned...

Which Foods Should Pregnant Women Avoid in Summer?

In fact, a rule that can be valid for everyone is not to choose very heavy meals in summer. However, especially expectant mothers should avoid excessively salty, fatty and sugary foods. Excessive and artificial sugar intake will cause sudden changes in blood sugar. During this period, processed meat products should be avoided, especially during the summer months. In addition, it would be good not to include excessively fatty foods such as frying, roasting, and caffeine in the menus. In addition to caffeine, a substance that triggers increased hot flashes in summer, changes in heart rhythm, heartburn and nausea problems, pickled foods, herbal teas, carbonated drinks and ready-to-eat foods should be avoided.

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