The Success Story of This Land: Yingari

The Success Story of This Land Yingari
The Success Story of This Land Yingari

Its role in the world economy is gradually increasing and its importance kazanUPS Turkey, which continues to stand by the emerging SMEs with its support, prepared a special video on the success story of Yingari, who exports figs to all over the world, on the 27th of June World SME Day.

UPS Turkey has added a new one to its efforts to meet the new needs of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs), which have an important place in today's and tomorrow's economy. UPS Turkey, which continues to support SMEs to further strengthen their access to different markets and increase their competitiveness, expressed the export success of Yingari, which exports figs from Turkey to all over the world, on its social media accounts on June 27, World SME Day. shared with a video narrated by its owner Nuri Ağaçcı and manager Seçil Önal.

The film, shot by the director Eray Mert and bringing the audience together with the story of a taste that started among the fig trees in Aydın-Germencik and opened up to the world, also inspires SMEs and entrepreneurs who want to export but do not know how to proceed.

Yingari transforms figs, a traditional geographically marked product in Turkey's Aydın Region, into delicious chocolate-covered confectionery with an innovative touch and completely different flavors that the world must taste. Yingari's fig Turkish confectionery, whose export story begins with its first shipment to retailers in the UK, soon draws attention and is put up for sale at Harrods, the most famous of London's major shopping malls. The export tale of the enterprise does not end there. Today, Yingari has taken its place among the companies that produce special products for the British Royal family.

Burak Kılıç, UPS Turkey General Manager, said, “Yingari is the story of success beyond the horizon for those who pursue their dreams with the values ​​of this land. At UPS, we are very happy and thank the Yingari family for making us a part of this story. The dreams of everyone who works for this country, produces and dreams beyond the horizon are also our dreams; labor is our labor. We are aware that our customers entrust their trust, hope and the future of their business to us. Our work is not limited to this. We bring cultures, traditions and creativity to 220 countries and regions. We take this responsibility very seriously," he said.

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