Intelligent Warning System Prevented A Major Forest Fire in Urla

Intelligent Warning System Prevented A Massive Forest Fire In Urla
Intelligent Warning System Prevented A Major Forest Fire in Urla

The Intelligent Warning System, implemented by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality for early response to fires, enabled the forest fire in Urla to be responded to in a short time. The fire, which was detected from kilometers away by smoke and fire sensitive cameras, damaged more than 6 hectares of green areas with the effect of the wind.

The forest fire, which started at around 15.00 today in the Kuşçular neighborhood of the Urla district of İzmir, was brought under control with a fast and intensive intervention. Founded by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and last April, President Tunç SoyerThanks to the Intelligent Warning System (AIS) introduced by , the fire in Urla was noticed in the first moments when the smoke started to rise. Despite the early intervention, more than 6 hectares of green areas were damaged by the effect of the wind.

Giving information about the fire, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Fire Department Head İsmail Derse said, “The first notice was given to our fire station when the camera system in the Seferihisar Radio Tower detected the smoke. Our friends immediately evaluated the situation and took the coordinates of the fire on the map in a few seconds. In about 5 minutes, the first team of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Fire Department arrived at the scene. After a short time, reinforcement teams were transferred to the fire area," he said.

The cause of the fire is being investigated

It is predicted that the fire, in which more than 6 hectares of forest was damaged in a short time, may have accidentally started as a result of carelessness and imprudence by the people who built the nearby area. The coordination between the teams was provided by the Urla Local Services Branch Manager, Yener Kırmızı, in the fire extinguishing work in which İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Fire Brigade, Science Affairs and Park Bahçeler departments participated with their teams and vehicles. Teams from the Urla Gendarmerie Command were assigned to fire extinguishing efforts. Two planes, two helicopters, eight water sprinklers, two water tankers, six firefighters and a forest team of forty responded to the forest fire, which broke out in Kuşçular village, under Akpınar. Cooling work continues in the fire, which was brought under control in the evening.

Intelligent Warning System: Forest areas in İzmir are monitored by a total of 12 cameras at 45 stations. Even in the slightest smoke seen within 20 kilometers, the cameras give us information to the center. In case of detection of fire, both video and location are sent to the teams.

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