Samsun Children's Festival was the Stage for Colorful Images

Samsun Children's Festival was the scene of colorful images
Samsun Children's Festival was the Stage for Colorful Images

The Children's Festival organized by Samsun Metropolitan Municipality witnessed colorful scenes. During the festival, the children, who spent their time with the animators, played traditional games.

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, which supported primary and secondary school students in many subjects during the pandemic period, completed the end of this academic year with a feast. The Metropolitan Municipality, which provided a lot of support from food distribution to stationery support to children throughout the year, helped the students to close the school term with fun with the festival it organized.


Approximately 17 children from 1000 districts participated in the Children's Festival held in the Nation's Garden in partnership with the Social Services Department and the Provincial Directorate of National Education. During the festival, children played and spent their time with playgrounds, clown shows, animations and mini concerts. The children thanked the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, Mustafa Demir, for the event.


Stating that they organized a festival for children as end of year and report card gifts, Social Services Department Head Ayhan Ergün said, “We organized a festival for our children as a year-end and report card gift upon the instruction of our Metropolitan Mayor, Mustafa Demir. We wanted to give our approximately 1000 children a day that will remain in their memories with songs, playgrounds, clown shows, animations and mini concerts. Our President has given us great support in this regard. From now on, we will organize such events for our children more often. I wish our festival to be a good one with joy and enthusiasm”.


Saying “Children are our most valuable assets, they are our future”, Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mustafa Demir said, “We love our children very much. We mobilize every opportunity for their future. We make contributions in education, sports and many other fields. We also organized our children's festival for them to have fun and have a good time with their friends. There are many playgroups here. Maybe our children are experiencing such a day for the first time. It is our greatest happiness for them to have fun to the fullest," he said.

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