Minister Varank Attended Digitalist 2022 Congress

Minister Varank Attended Digitalist Congress
Minister Varank Attended Digitalist 2022 Congress

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank called on researchers and entrepreneurs and said, “European Union Horizon Europe and Digital Europe programs offer important financing opportunities. Collaborating with the best researchers and institutions in the field; You can also take part in projects that will shape the technologies of the future. Please apply here.”

Minister Varank attended the Digitalist Congress organized by the Digital Health and Bioinformatics Association (DSBD). In his speech here, he noted that new technologies and the rapid spread of these technologies have brought unique innovations to treatment methods, and said:

GREAT TRANSFORMATION: We are witnessing a great transformation in health, especially thanks to mobile communication technologies, wearable electronics, biosensors, IOT and robots. The rapid development of technology; It provides more opportunities for the development of predictive, preventive, personalized and participatory health solutions and systems based on data and technology.

LOOKING FOR THE FUTURE: Artificial intelligence and learning machines are rapidly advancing to the position of healthcare professionals' greatest assistants in disease prevention, diagnosis, treatment and post-treatment services. The advantage of online health services is now known to everyone. In order to adapt to innovations in the rapidly changing health sector with the effect of such a dazzling technological transformation, we also carry out studies for the future.

PARTNERSHIP: As you know, digital transformation in the field of health is a multifaceted issue that requires interdisciplinary and intersectoral cooperation due to its nature. In this direction, we often come together with our academics, experts, entrepreneurs and NGO representatives. Today's congress is also very valuable in terms of bringing together the stakeholders that directly or indirectly affect the health ecosystem. The sessions in the congress, which will last for two days, will create a serious synergy in the sector.

HEALTH ECOSYSTEM: Thanks to the health infrastructure we have established since 2002, we have set the best example of being a social state. On the one hand, while building the most innovative structures with city hospitals, on the other hand, by raising perhaps the most qualified health workers in the world, we serve our country. kazanwe nagged. We have taken steps to raise the living standards of our healthcare workers. Thanks to all these breakthroughs, we have built an exemplary health ecosystem in the world with its technology and human-embracing structure.

R&D AND INNOVATION: We are focused on creating an R&D and innovation ecosystem that will increase our global competitiveness and strengthen our technological independence. Thus, we want to make Turkey one of the leading countries in the development of health products and technologies. With this awareness, we included the health sector among the focus sectors in our 2023 Industry and Technology Strategy, which we prepared with the vision of the National Technology Move.

ALL KIND OF OPPORTUNITIES: We provide all kinds of opportunities to our entrepreneurs with the technoparks, incubation centers and venture capital funds we have established. We also support the health sector with the Technology-Oriented Industry Move Program, which we started to produce strategic products with national means.

SUPPORT FOR PROJECTS AND INVESTMENTS: Through TÜBİTAK, Development Agencies and KOSGEB, we support the R&D projects and health investments of the academy, industry and public in the field of health sciences. Again, we especially encourage our researchers to benefit more effectively from international funding opportunities.

CALLED: I would like to make a call to researchers and entrepreneurs. European Union Horizon Europe and Digital Europe programs offer important financing opportunities. Collaborating with the best researchers and institutions in the field; You can also take part in projects that will shape the technologies of the future. Please apply here. Be sure to attend the project writing and partner finding events organized by TÜBİTAK. Thus, achieve groundbreaking work by working with the most competent actors in the field in the most advanced research infrastructures.

THE SILENT REVOLUTION: Artificial intelligence algorithms working in the background in the health sector with large datasets; this data now allows real-time operational use. So much so that big data and artificial intelligence started to sign a silent revolution in health.

ROLE MODEL: However, the ability of an artificial intelligence to train itself and make more accurate decisions depends on the data sets it will use, in other words, the number of role models it will take as an example. In other words, as the data increases, the learning capacity of artificial intelligence increases.

NATIONAL AI STRATEGY: As Turkey, we were aware that we needed to develop data-based innovation in all sectors in order to increase the global competitiveness of our economy. Accordingly, we created our National Artificial Intelligence Strategy to generate value from data.

ROAD MAP: We have prepared our Smart Life and Health Products and Technologies Roadmap with all the stakeholders of the health ecosystem. With our roadmap, we have accelerated domestic and national production in the fields of medicine, medical devices and health informatics, which we have determined as critical and strategic. kazanwe will go.

WE WILL INCREASE INVESTMENTS: In particular, we will focus on solutions used for the prevention, treatment and follow-up of chronic diseases, which constitute the highest expenditure item. We will increase investments in the development and integration of new technologies that offer affordable, accessible and sustainable solutions.

WE WILL LEAD: As the Ministry, we will lead the transformation of Turkey in the field of health with many critical projects from biotechnology to the creation of the National Pharmaceutical Molecule Library. We will continue to work in cooperation with our researchers, entrepreneurs and youth for our actions in this direction.

CRITICAL SIGNIFICANCE: Of course, human resources that will break new ground in the fields of science, technology and innovation are critical for us to achieve our goals as a country. The way to train that human resource is to guide our youth in the right way from an early age, and to keep the spirit of science and research in them alive.

BIOTECHNOLOGY: Of course, there are those who know, we organize Artificial Intelligence in Health Contest within the scope of TEKNOFEST in order to raise awareness about the use of artificial intelligence technology. In fact, our friends who were ranked in the Biotechnology category with their artificial intelligence project on Determining the Risk of Brugada Syndrome at Teknofest 2021 are among us today.

TEKNOFEST: At TEKNOFEST, which will start on August 30, we are organizing three more competitions in three different categories: "Illness Detection with Computer Vision", "Medical Technologies", "Development of Artificial Intelligence Assisted Analysis Methods in the Field of Bioinformatics". As the Ministry of Industry and Technology, we have activities and supports for all stakeholders, from young researchers to experienced scientists.

INTERNATIONAL LEADING RESEARCHERS PROGRAM: About four years ago, he brought the most successful researchers of the field, especially scientists of Turkish origin, to Turkey. kazanWe have launched the International Leading Researchers Program. At this point, scientists from the world's best universities, companies and research centers that make the most R&D investments have started to bring their studies to our country.

SUPPORT FOR SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Among them, besides engineering and social sciences, there are researchers working in different fields such as vaccine-drug development, medical imaging, epidemics, biotechnology. We will continue to support science and technology in every field.

Ahmet İlker Tekkeşin, President of the Digital Health and Bioinformatics Association, also made a speech in the program.

Minister Varank presented the appreciation plaques of the jury members of the DijiBest Contest, where the best of Digital Transformation in Health, organized within the scope of the Digitalist Congress, took place.

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