Metrobus Road is Permanently Renewed

Metrobus Road is Permanently Renovated
Metrobus Road is Permanently Renewed

📩 12/04/2023 08:01

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality presses the button for a safer and more efficient metrobus line. By applying the 'White Road' to the Metrobus road, its maintenance will be reduced to a minimum for 21 years. The asphalt pavement road will be replaced with a special prescription concrete pavement and deformations on the road will be prevented. IMM units apply CevizliIt will start at night on the Bağ-Yenibosna line on June 26, work day and night and during the holidays and will finish in September. During this process, the metrobus line will never be interrupted. With the announcements and the measures taken with all its units, IMM will ensure that the people of Istanbul will not have any problems in transportation.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) is permanently renewing the Metrobus road used with temporary dressing solutions. The 'White Road', which offers high quality, maintenance-free and most importantly comfortable journeys, comes to life instead of the asphalt that requires maintenance due to the tonnage of Metrobuses and deteriorates quickly. With the special prescription concrete coating 'White Road', there will be no deterioration and deformation in the metrobus line for 21 years. There will be no need for maintenance work carried out twice a year. Maintenance costs will be eliminated. The heavy load effect on the Metrobus road, intensive use, high tire temperatures, exhaust heat, the wear and tear caused by the braking at the stops and the roads deteriorated by the weather conditions caused the shaky journey of the BRT users. With the new 'White Road', Istanbulites will be able to travel comfortably.


IMM Road Maintenance and Infrastructure Coordination Department teams will be on the alert for the 'White Road' day and night with all IMM units to work in coordination with IETT. Sunday night, June 26 CevizliThe work to start on the Bağ-Yenibosna metrobus line is expected to be completed in September. All units continue their work day and night in order not to interrupt transportation in Istanbul traffic, which is relieved by the closure of schools. The special prescription concrete coating preferred by the world will be poured on the metrobus line at night. During the daytime, other works on the road will continue and will be completed by the date the schools will open. IMM Deputy Secretary General Arif Gürkan Alpay, who stated that the works will continue during the holiday, said, “We are starting the 'White Road' application on the seven-stop round-trip 18-kilometer line. Measures have been taken to prevent Metrobus passengers from experiencing difficulties. There will be a reduction in the leftmost lane of the D-100 highway, but the metrobus line will never be interrupted,” he said.


At the stations that are working, it will be passed to the other station without getting on and off. Istanbulites will be directed to the opposite road and will reach their station by transfer from the return line. The work per station will only take two days. In other words, there will be no disruption in the journey due to work. Passengers will only have to go to one stop and return from the opposite direction, or take the metrobus they want for the route they will continue. Metrobuses will bypass the station where the work is taking place. Passengers will be able to transfer from the next station in the opposite direction free of charge. This situation will be reminded to passengers with announcements from the metrobus and announcements at the stations. There will be direction signs at the stops.


As a result of R&D studies, İBB decided on the white road with a special prescription concrete coating, which has a high economic life, high technical durability, and unrivaled travel comfort. After a 2-year preparation period, the white road was tested on routes used by heavy tonnage vehicles. Positive results were obtained from the technology applied in the metrobus platforms used by IETT. Special machines were designed for the white road work on the Metrobus road. Thanks to the machines that can work in a 4-meter area in the size of the Metrobus road, work can be done without the need to remove the lighting poles and guardrails on the roadside. While the existing asphalt road will be removed with the machine called Freeze, the White road will be paved, which will consist of special prescription concrete, with the paving machine named “Finisher”, which will be used for the first time in Turkey.


BRT will continue to carry passengers without interruption, with the addition of a lane from the D-100 to the BRT line, limited to the area to be worked on. IMM will be in the working areas with all necessary signs and directions for work and road safety. The regions and stops where work will be done at the stops will be announced with announcements in advance. The same announcements in the metrobuses will inform the people of Istanbul with an announcement. IMM employees, who will give information about the lines at the stations, will work by saying 'Ask Me'. The resolution desk will stand by for all routing questions at one end of the 153 lines. All digital platforms of IMM will again include directions, regions where work is done, and stops. In the Mobile Traffic application, warning texts and working information will take place instantly.


✓ Provides high carrying capacity

✓ Provides shorter braking distance

✓ Offers comfortable driving pleasure

✓ Increases traffic cruising speed

✓ Saves fuel

✓ Delays wear of vehicles

✓ Facilitates night vision

✓ Environmentally friendly

✓ Does not create a heat island

✓ It is done in all seasons and in all conditions

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