Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Fire Department Gives Graduates of 2022

Graduates of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Fire Brigade
Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Fire Department Gives Graduates of 2022

48 firefighters, 461 ​​of whom were women, who recently joined the İBB Fire Department to work in the field, graduated. Graduates of 2022 showed their skills in the competitions they prepared for the ceremony. As of this week, Istanbul's new firefighters will start their new assignments.

He completed the training of the new firefighters, which lasted 4 months, 16 weeks and 560 hours. Having left behind a hard work with 26 trainers in 50 stations in total, the firefighters graduated with a ceremony held at the İBB Cebeci Sports Complex.

The competition between the teams at the ceremony attracted great attention. The races, which required high level of condition and strength, witnessed great excitement. First, firefighters pulling with a motopump (high-pressure water engine) hit the target with pressurized water. Then, the 100 meter runners of the teams took the stage. The runners both responded to the small fires in the setup and completed the track. Candidates climbed the three-story tower with 4,5-meter-long hooked ladders. The firefighters, who were out of breath, shared the happiness of graduation with their families.


Referring to Mayor İmamoğlu's goal of increasing the number of female employees while taking office, İBB Secretary General Can Akın Çağlar said, “We are extremely pleased to observe this increase in the Istanbul Fire Department. As in other units of IMM, we are aware of the power of a woman's hand touching us. I would like to underline that we are much stronger with you, our esteemed female employees," she said.


Describing Istanbul as the heart of Turkey both economically and culturally, IMM Deputy Secretary General Murat Yazıcı also addressed the newly graduated firefighters. Yazıcı said, “Successfully completing a challenging 560-hour training; Our organization, which has expanded and developed with 48 young people, 461 of whom are women, is extremely determined to protect this great heritage. Istanbul Fire Brigade is one of Turkey's proudest organizations. But it doesn't just ensure that Istanbul survives and stays safe; In addition, it is one of the strongest groups running at the forefront in disasters all over the country,” he said.


Remzi Albayrak, Head of the IMM Fire Department, also called out to his new teammates and said, "I have a request from you; You all understand how important it is not to end a fire but to prevent a fire from breaking out. I would like to spread this awareness to everyone, wherever you go. On behalf of the entire Istanbul Fire Department, I am grateful for your contribution to raise public awareness of fire prevention.”

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