Istanbul's New Art Space 'Gallery Beylikdüzü' Opened

Istanbul's New Art Space Gallery Beylikduzu Opened
Istanbul's New Art Space 'Gallery Beylikdüzü' Opened

Istanbul's new art venue, Gallery Beylikdüzü, 'Ekrem İmamoğlu It hosted the preview of the Special Collection. Hosting the owners, artists, mayors and names in the culture and art world at the opening of the first collection of the gallery, which was brought to the city by the West Istanbul Education Culture and Arts Foundation, of which he is the founder and honorary president, İmamoğlu presented more than 400 works to his guests. Stating that they want Gallery Beylikdüzü to turn into a center that supports artists together with his wife Dilek Kaya İmamoğlu, the President of IMM said, “Istanbul is a great collector that has hosted civilizations. It has hosted so much value throughout history and is still a very ambitious city. Could we bring Istanbul the value it deserves, the position it deserves? Unfortunately not. It should definitely get the value it deserves,” he said.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) President Ekrem İmamoğlu's private collection, which has been created since the 1990s, was brought together in the new culture and art point of the city, Gallery Beylikdüzü. Mayor of Adana Zeydan Karalar, Mayor of Beylikdüzü Mehmet Murat Çalık attended the opening of the new art venue brought to the city by Batı Istanbul Education Culture and Arts Foundation, of which Mayor İmamoğlu is the founder and honorary president. Kadıköy Mayor of Şerdil Dara Odabaşı, Mayor of Avcılar Turan Hançerli and artists who contributed to the private collection with their works, representatives from art galleries and guests from the world of culture and art attended.


Attending the opening of the exhibition, which consists of works that she has acquired for more than 25 years, with her husband Dilek Kaya İmamoğlu and her children Semih, Mehmet Selim and Beren İmamoğlu, the President of IMM, one by one with the guests who came to the opening to see her collection. sohbet he did. Speaking to his guests about the selections in the exhibition, Mayor İmamoğlu said that Istanbul is a great collector with thousands of years of civilization accumulation. Noting that Istanbul is a city full of opportunities, İmamoğlu said, “It is still a very ambitious city that has hosted so much value throughout history. Could we bring Istanbul the value it deserves, the position it deserves? Unfortunately not. It should definitely get what it deserves. Likewise, Istanbul does not only mean that this city is not valuable. The focal point of this whole geography, our responsibility is not only to the people of this city. In my opinion, this is a responsibility for Istanbul on behalf of this wide geography,” he said.


Stating that the works in his private collection were shaped by the admiration of him, his wife Dilek İmamoğlu and his close circle, Mayor İmamoğlu continued his speech as follows:

“We saw that works from different generations, different techniques, come together. Sometimes I say what a beautiful thing has accumulated. Seeing them side by side, his enthusiasm reached a very different place in me. Some of the owners of the works are with us today. There are also those who can't. There are also those who lost their lives. I sincerely thank each of them. I will fight this struggle to preserve and further develop his works, I hope, until eternity.”


Stating that he wants Gallery Beylikdüzü to host exhibitions, workshops and talks throughout the year, İmamoğlu said, “We want not only the centrally located districts of Istanbul, but all districts to increase their capabilities with such environments and events. Because everyone in this city should have that chance. In that case, we can establish social peace together. At the same time, this art space will meet with its different features - an e-printing workshop will also come to life here. Also, together with my wife Dilek Kaya İmamoğlu, we wished that this would be a center that supports artists. In this regard, we will act with an understanding that prioritizes women artists, especially new graduates or artists at the beginning of their careers. We want this place to host the artists who open their personal exhibitions. In addition to this, we want to bring here a structure that increases its connection with young artists, not only in Turkey but also on a global basis, with some events and meetings over time.”


Noting that he will continue to develop his collection, Mayor İmamoğlu said, “We will share this place with our citizens during the week. We'll make sure they travel too. In a way, we will entrust the process to our citizens and fellow countrymen," he said.

After his speech, İmamoğlu invited the guests to the exhibition hall to visit over 400 works of art. sohbet He.


Gallery Beylikdüzü's first exhibition 'Ekrem İmamoğlu Mahir Polat, Deputy Secretary General of IMM, is the curator of the Special Collection. Valuable works bearing the signatures of 103 artists; From illustration to drawing, from engraving to sculpture, from print art to digital art, it sheds light on the cycle of search for expression that has continued for nearly 100 years. The collection includes over 400 works in total.

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