IETT Conducted the 6th Electric Vehicle Test

IETT Carries out the Third Electric Vehicle Test
IETT Conducted the 6th Electric Vehicle Test

IETT General Directorate carried out the 6th electric vehicle test. The 1-meter Iveco brand E-WAY model vehicle, which was tested on Istanbul roads with sandbags for a week, has a range of over 12 kilometers.

The vehicle, which was brought to İkitelli Garage by the manufacturer, was tested on bus lines for a week, with at least 150 kilometers of sand loaded and empty. On the last day of the test, İETT Deputy General Manager İrfan Demet, Technology Development Manager Burak Sevim and İETT officials subjected the beekeeper to a detailed examination in the garage. Company authorities also gave detailed information about the vehicle whose engine, engine cabin and battery placements were examined.

Iveco E-WAY, with its 120 kW engine, promises a range of 350 kilometers with its 500 kWh lithium-ion batteries. The vehicle has an electric ramp for the disabled, 3 doors, full air conditioning, USB ports for the driver and passengers, 24 seats and 1 electric chair area.

For maintenance, repair and efficiency processes, the manufacturer also offers a "bus control room" service at its own facilities for Iveco E-WAY vehicle fleets. Thanks to this online service, all technical values ​​of the vehicle can be followed live.

Günceleme: 21/06/2022 17:36

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