Durgunsu Kano Turkey Cup Races Started

Durgunsu Canoe Turkey Cup Races Have Started
Durgunsu Kano Turkey Cup Races Started

Durgunsu Canoe Turkey Cup Races, organized in cooperation with the Turkish Canoe Federation and Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality, started in Sarısungur Pond.

Sarısungur Pond, one of the best tracks in our country for stagnant canoe races, continues to host canoe races as it does every year. The track, which Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality has built with its own means, provides an important service for our country's canoe and dragon athletes.

In the championship held in Sarısungur Pond, the "Automatic Exit System", which was established by the engineers and technical teams of the OLD General Directorate, became operational.

While 10 teams and 12 athletes from 15 cities participate in the Durgunsu Canoe Turkish Cup Races held in Eskişehir between 23-236 June, 1000 meters races are held on the first day of the races.

The races, in which 9 athletes from Eskişehir Metropolitan Youth and Sports Club compete, will be completed with 500 meters races on Saturday and 200 meters races on Sunday.

Durgunsu Canoe Turkey Cup Races will come to an end with the award ceremony to be held on Sunday after the completion of the races that will witness great excitement.

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