'Prayer Shirts Exhibition' Opened to Visit in Bursa

Dual Shirts Opened to Visit in Bursa
Dual Shirts Opened to Visit in Bursa

The prayer shirts worn by the Ottoman sultans to win the war, to gain strength, to find healing and to protect from the evil eye, were opened to visitors in the Muradiye Quran and Manuscripts Museum.

Under the auspices of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the 'Prayer Shirts Exhibition' was opened to visitors in Bursa, after Japan, Germany and Albania abroad, and Kars, Erzurum, Ankara and Mardin in Turkey. In the exhibition at Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Muradiye Quran and Manuscripts Museum, replicas of sultan's shirts, the originals of which were exhibited in the Topkapı Palace Sacred Relics Department, were on display. The shirts in which verses and prayers are written in celi, thuluth and kufic scripts, prepared after 8 years of work by the team, including the illumination artist Ayşe Vanlıoğlu and the calligrapher Mehmet Vanlıoğlu, met with the people of Bursa with the “Prayer Shirts Exhibition”.

Youth and Sports Provincial Director Rahmi Aksoy, Culture and Tourism Provincial Director Dr. Kamil Özer, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Mayor Halide Serpil Şahin and art lovers.

Illumination artist Ayşe Vanlıoğlu and Calligrapher Mehmet Vanlıoğlu gave information to the protocol members, who visited the exhibition after the opening ceremony, about how the works were prepared and what the inscriptions and signs on the shirts mean.

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