Children Have Fun and Money With Physography Kazanis working

Children Have Fun and Money with Physics Kazanhe is drinking
Children Have Fun and Money With Physography Kazanis working

The art of philography, which has become quite widespread today and adorns the walls at home and at work, became the hobby of the children at Bağcılar Municipality Information Houses during the summer vacation. Some of the children who create colorful paintings with nails they hammer with a hammer, earn income by selling, and some give gifts to their loved ones.

Tiny hands hammering nails

Bağcılar Municipality Information Houses ensure that children have a pleasant and useful summer holiday with the courses it offers. new experiences kazanStudents who want to learn and acquire hobbies can benefit from free courses. The most striking of the courses offered in many different branches, from sports to music, is filography, where the sound of hammers never diminishes throughout the day. In the philography class, which is defined as 'the fascinating dance of wire and nails', tiny hands create patterns by passing wires through nails they hammer on the wooden floor. The trainees create colorful and magnificent works by combining their efforts with a decorative object.

Stating that the students improved their hand and motor skills in the course, trainer Yasemin Alkan said, “Children get a hobby here. Even though they started our course in the third year and passed to high school, there are still people who come. Here, students paint their dreams, from animal figures to football crests. Besides, they make money by selling the paintings they make. kazanThere are moments," he said.

I gifted it to my friend on his birthday

Rümeysa Bilgili, 10, who got to know philography thanks to her teacher, said, “This art has its hard sides, but it comes easy because I love it. I opened an exhibition of my paintings. I come here instead of wasting my time on frivolous things,” she said. Brunette İpek also said: “I like hitting nails with a hammer. I both relieve stress and produce something. I gift my paintings to my loved ones. I gave a painting of a girl with rose hair as a gift to my friend on her birthday.”

The children also expressed their gratitude to the Mayor of Bağcılar, Abdullah Özdemir, who provided them with these opportunities.

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