Azerbaijan Minimum Wage – Cost of Living

Azerbaijan Minimum Wage
Azerbaijan Minimum Wage

Azerbaijan minimum wage We are with you with all the details of the subject. an ever-curious subject How many manats is the minimum wage in Azerbaijan? We will answer the question clearly. In addition, we will consider the state of the country on living conditions. Azerbaijan receives its minimum wage in the form of the official currency, the Manat. You will also learn the current exchange rate in Turkish Lira and Dollars. If this type of article catches your attention minimum wage Click on the link to get the most accurate information about other countries.

Azerbaijan Minimum Wage 2022

Azerbaijan Minimum Wage 2022 It has been determined as 300 manats as of the year 2979. When we convert this to Turkish lira at the current exchange rate, it corresponds to 176 TL. When we look at it in dollar terms, this situation is XNUMX dollars.

Azerbaijan Minimum Wage 300 manat 176 dollars 2979 TL

Living conditions in the country are very similar to Turkey. We can say that the country is developing economically. Therefore, Azerbaijan is a country of immigration.

Azerbaijan Cost of Living 2022

Azerbaijan, the first name that comes to mind when it comes to sister country, is a Caucasian country located at the intersection of Asia and Eastern Europe. It should be noted that the country is quite rich in terms of underground resources. In this case 2022 as of the year Azerbaijan cost of livingit lowers it quite a bit. For better understanding, we will give market prices as an example.

  • Bread: 0.12€
  • 1 kilo of meat: 3€
  • 12 eggs: 1.12€
  • Half kilo of chicken: 1.5€
  • 1 kilo of apples: 0.6€
  • 1 kilo of lettuce: 0.40€
  • Liter of milk: 0.80€

It should be noted that fuel prices in the country are quite affordable. However, rental prices are quite expensive compared to that.

Azerbaijan Minimum Wage How Many Manats

Azerbaijan Minimum Wage is 300 Manat. This situation is about 2970 TLIt corresponds to . We have stated the salary situation of Azerbaijan, which is known as our sister country. Considering both domestic and world standards, this salary can be said to be low. In particular, the purchasing power and welfare level are at an average level.

What is the Azerbaijan Minimum Wage?

The Minimum Wage in Azerbaijan is around $176. The country's economy is developing day by day. Especially since 2020, manat is very valuable around the world. kazanis gone. This is due to the fact that the country is rich in oil and natural gas reserves. This is very important to enrich the country.

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