Artificial Intelligence ASENA Tracks Drugs

Artificial Intelligence ASENA Traces Drugs
Artificial Intelligence ASENA Tracks Drugs

Tons of drugs, weapons and criminal elements were seized in the operations carried out after the investigations carried out in line with the detection and predictions of the ASENA software, which includes thousands of data, including the methods developed by the criminals.

İbrahim Seydioğulları, Head of the Department of Combating Narcotic Crimes of the General Directorate of Security, stated that 14 thousand 3 crimes, including narcotics, were revealed thanks to the Analysis Systems Narcotic Network (ASENA) software, which was put into service 795 months ago.

The narcotics teams, which started their fight against drug dealers in the police force in 1937 at the level of the bureau chief, carried the experience they gained in the intervening years to the digital world.

ASENA, a software in artificial intelligence format that can be integrated with the databases of the e-Government and UYAP, and the Ministry of Interior and Justice, prepared by Turkish engineers who are experts in their fields, was put into operation about 14 months ago.

Seydioğulları, Head of the Department of Combating Narcotic Crimes, gave information about the capacity and benefits of the software, which is named after the unit in the Narcotic Branch, known as ASENA by the employees, where technical activities are carried out.

Seydioğulları said that the foundations of the project were laid 4 years ago.

Stating that ASENA was put into practice in March 3 after 4-2021 years of software process, Seydioğulları stated that the system is used by 650 thousand 3 employees, 100 of whom are fully authorized.

Explaining that the personnel using the software are undergoing rigorous training and that every command is recorded, from the question they ask to the action they take, Seydioğulları emphasized that the questions to be asked to the system are approved by the center.

ASENA Brings Balance to the Score

Stating that as the Department of Combating Narcotic Crimes, they are trying to "equate" the steps of the criminal with the police, Seydioğulları said: "This is an important issue. There is an imbalance in the relationship between crime and crime fighting under normal circumstances all over the world. Crime and guilt are always 1-2 steps ahead. Police have two missions, prevention and illumination. In the lighting department, criminals have a little more advantage. The police's instruments for detecting this are somewhat weak. ASENA does just that. We started to equate these steps with ASENA. We both intervene when drug crimes are committed and use them to illuminate a committed crime or to contribute to ongoing investigations. In this sense, ASENA also acts as a prevention. We are trying to narrow the gap between law enforcement and criminals.”

Stating that Turkey is in a very critical geography, Seydioğulları said, “Geography is destiny. We are on the oldest trade route in the world. Drug crime organizations also seek legal trade routes while carrying out their activities. This is actually one of the answers to the question of why Turkey. Sometimes the capacity of the law enforcement increases, as it is now, the combat performance increases, the seizures increase.” said.

Pointing out that the pursuit of drug crimes is not dependent on complaints, Seydioğulları said: “We very rarely find people as plaintiffs. In general, the complainant is the public because it is a public offense. Uncovering these crimes takes law enforcement performance. The absence of narcotics in a country does not mean that there is no narcotic in that country. 'Why so many drugs are caught in Turkey?' We are faced with allegations and accusations in the form of. It has to be looked at multidimensionally. The law enforcement catches up, so the crime is revealed. ASENA is also an instrument that will increase this capacity.”

Narcotics Police Ask, ASENA Answers

Emphasizing that ASENA is an artificial intelligence program with an infrastructure that can be developed continuously, Seydioğulları noted that it has many features that are not available in analysis systems used all over the world. Stating that the operators can also enter the system manually instantly, Seydioğulları stated that ASENA can constantly repeat the instantaneous works.

Explaining that the data on the methods developed by the criminals were also entered into ASENA, Seydioğulları said, “Continuous experience by catching. kazanwe are eating. Each capture actually reinforces the system. ASENA is learning.” said.

Stating that they "declared Turkey a forbidden zone for drugs," Seydioğulları said that the most important instrument of this was ASENA.

“You ask a question to the machine, it is constantly trying to find an answer to this written question with the data it has. Question, crime, criminal and a profile about them.” Seydioğulları said, “Our ministry and the ministries of justice have investigations and trials. There are statements of the accused, witnesses and suspects. The narcotic has accumulated experience. The system is aimed at answering the questions asked on them. ASENA uses them as data.” he said.

“You ask meaningful questions to ASENA, you get meaningful answers.” Seydioğulları said, noting that the system made a move to seek answers for 5 million 300 questions in March last year. Seydioğulları gave the following information: “This number increased to 22 million 841 thousand in March this year. Our total number since last year is 283 million. ASENA made a move to find answers to nearly 14 million questions before the end of 300 months. When we say the question has been asked, we can also add the answers given to a single question. So the system gets the question, you're like, 'Okay, don't ask that anymore.' As long as you don't say it, it keeps asking that question. It tries to find answers to these questions in 92 to 0 minutes with a rate of 1 percent. In other words, it takes between 0-1 minutes and searches for that question, and if it finds the answer, it will come and let you know. It's not the hardware that provides this capacity, we don't have huge data servers, it's the software that provides that capacity."

We did not cut off our contacts on the street

Explaining that the narcotics teams use technology to the fullest in the fight against crime, they do not give up on the human factor, Seydioğulları said, "Contact on the street should not be missed." said. Seydioğulları stated that they follow up even a small incident that concerns them in any police station by sending a team.

Emphasizing that the analysts using ASENA are working in full harmony with the narcotics teams in the field, Seydioğulları said that after a determination made, the situation was conveyed to the teams in the field, and that the incident reached the operational dimension after the narcotics teams worked.

91 percent of Clarified Crimes are Narcotic Crimes

Stating that they have started to achieve very important results with the use of ASENA, Seydioğulları stated that important studies have been carried out on both narcotics and other units. Seydioğulları continued as follows: “Of 300 million inquiries, 9 thousand 20 risky situations emerged. He gave the answer to the related friends who asked this question. These concerned friends do not have a chance to go and intervene. As a result, there is a judicial process, search decisions are taken. A person is a person, a vehicle is a vehicle, a house is a house. Search decisions are made, the process continues. It does this under the coordination of judicial authorities. Analysts don't do that. People on the street do. In this, the number of cases that we have covered in flesh, soul and bone is over 40 percent. We got results from 3 thousand 795 of them.”

Noting that 91 percent of the uncovered incidents were narcotic crimes, Seydioğulları noted that 3 of them were narcotics and 453 of them were matters falling under the responsibility of other units.

Caught Thanks to ASENA

Emphasizing that a large amount of drugs, weapons and criminal elements were seized in the operations involving ASENA at the beginning, Seydioğulları said: “1 ton 765 kilos of heroin, 2 tons of 55 kilograms of cannabis, close to 500 kilograms of methamphetamine, nearly 200 kilograms of 'bonsai', There are 29 kilograms of opium gum, 21-22 kilograms of cocaine.

These are the determinations made on the risky situation presented to us by the software, without any different information about a different crime, without any support. Nearly 2 million 300 thousand green-red prescription drugs, 734 thousand captagons, nearly 200 thousand ecstasy, counterfeit money, dollars, euros…

We bought 260 thousand fake Turkish lira. 6 fake dollars. There is 500 thousand liras that we consider as the proceeds of crime. We have identified 300 unlicensed pistols, 890 rifles, 3 of which are Kalashnikovs, 11 liters of smuggled alcohol, 42 million macarons, 4 million illegal cigarettes, 2 illegal goods, 797 immigrants. Then 177 kilos of explosives.”

ASENA Cannot Be Hacked

Stating that ASENA works over POLNET, the closed-circuit communication system used by the security, and there is no possibility of being exposed to a cyber attack in any way, Seydioğulları stated that data entry is made continuously to improve the system.

On the other hand, Seydioğulları noted that they pay particular attention to the Law on Protection of Personal Data, and that this is not violated in any of their actions.

Cartels Have Heard of ASENA, Too

Stating that the drug routes intensified in the Balkans and the south after the Russia-Ukraine War, Seydioğulları said that the drug cartels have recently shifted their shipment route to the south.

Seydioğulları explained that drug dealers, who heard that ASENA was used in their technical follow-ups, determined that they did not want to transport “goods” through Turkey, adding, “We expect him to confidently deliver drugs through Turkey.” he said.

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