Ordu Dynamic Junction Works Relieve Traffic

Army Dynamic Junction Studies Relieve Traffic
Ordu Dynamic Junction Works Relieve Traffic

The 'dynamic intersection' works carried out by Ordu Metropolitan Municipality have reduced the traffic density. Especially in Altınordu district and Ünye district, where the traffic problem has become inextricable, a noticeable relief has been achieved in the traffic load in the district with the latest intersection works.

Drivers who have suffered for years due to the old-style roundabouts located in the main arteries of Altınordu district and cannot respond to today's conditions, Ordu Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Dr. It gained comfort with the dynamic intersections built under the close follow-up of Mehmet Hilmi Güler.

In the district of Ünye, the works carried out at the Industry Junction and Yunus Emre Junction, which are gradually becoming a major problem in traffic flow, reduced the traffic density in the region.

With the new type of intersections built by the Metropolitan Municipality, the waiting time in traffic was reduced, while the urban traffic load was greatly reduced.


Fidangör Junction, Schools Junction, Ata Industry Junction, New Bus Station Junction, Pool Junction, Four Road Junction, Russian Market Junction, Mevlana Junction, Ulubey Junction, Organized Industry Junction, Municipality Junction and Ünye, which have been inextricable due to traffic jams in Altınordu district for years. At the Industry Junction and the Ünye Yunus Emre Junction, the Metropolitan Municipality made new arrangements in line with the needs of the day.

With the hard work started at 13 intersections, irregular light systems were replaced. By creating lanes for vehicles making right and left turns on the main road and side road, the traffic flow was prevented from slowing down and more vehicles were allowed to pass in the same light period. By reducing signal phases at intersections, waiting times have been significantly reduced. The time given for the passage of pedestrians has been increased and their safety has been ensured.


With the modern dynamic intersections built in the city, reducing the waiting time in traffic and relieving the traffic load has greatly reduced the time and fuel savings of the citizens.

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