AKUT Flood Participated in Flood Hazard Early Warning Exercise

AKUT Participated in Flood Hazard Early Warning Exercise
AKUT Flood Participated in Flood Hazard Early Warning Exercise

AKUT Search and Rescue Association participated in the 'Flood Hazard Early Warning Exercise' held in Trabzon within the scope of the Disaster Drill Year.

“Flood Hazard Early Warning Exercise”, one of the thematic exercises within the scope of AFAD 2022 Disaster Exercise Year, was held on June 2, 2022 in Trabzon / Vakfikebir. 18 volunteers from AKUT Search and Rescue Association, AKUT Giresun, AKUT Rize and AKUT Trabzon teams participated in the exercise.

AKUT teams took part in all search and rescue scenarios in the exercise, in which 248 vehicles, including 4 land, 10 air (helicopter, JİKU, UAV) and 262 sea (attack boat, joker boat, fiber boat) vehicles took part. In the stream scenarios of the exercise, assignments were made only to AFAD, JÖAK, Sahil Guvelik and AKUT. AKUT volunteers, who came to the forefront with their experience and training in the Black Sea region, became the only non-governmental organization operating in the river with 8 personnel and a rafting boat. All three teams participating in the exercise were shown as examples with their stances and behaviors.

Within the scope of Turkey Disaster Response Plan (TAMP), 25 disaster working groups, 11 Provincial AFAD Directorates, 36 nationally accredited non-governmental organizations, 1.200 personnel consisting of AFAD Volunteers and Local Support Teams took part in the exercise and in the Turkish Disaster Response Plan (TAMP) exercise. The coordination between the tasked working groups is strengthened and it is aimed to increase their awareness on disaster and emergency assembly areas and temporary shelter centers.

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