What Should Be Considered When Choosing Cat Food? What Are The Most Beautiful Cat Toys?

What Should Be Considered When Choosing Cat Food? What Are The Most Beautiful Cat Toys?
What Should Be Considered When Choosing Cat Food? What Are The Most Beautiful Cat Toys?

There are some important issues to consider when choosing food for cats! Correctly selected cat food ensures the correct functioning of your cat's stomach and intestinal system. Here are the tricks in choosing cat food!

Cats' nutritional needs vary according to their age. Cat food First of all, you should consider the age of the cat. You should choose kitten food for cats under 12 months old, adult cat food for cats 1-7 years old, and old cat food for cats over 7 years old. Our cute cat friends should be fed with cat food suitable for their age in order to lead a quality life. The protein and fat balance of each age group is different. If you have a question about the subject or if you think you need more detailed information, you should definitely get support from your veterinarian. Also for your cats cat toys Keep reading our article on choosing!

How to Choose a Food Based on Cat Weight?

When choosing cat food, it is necessary to consider your pet's weight. Your cat may be overweight or underweight depending on its age; You should also choose the appropriate food! It is beneficial to choose “diet” foods for overweight cats and foods with high vitamin value for thin cats. The most important factor affecting the weight of cats is whether they are active or not. For this, if your cat is very active, you should definitely consider this situation when choosing food. Here are other important essentials to consider:

  • Since neutered cats tend to gain weight, diet malaria should be preferred.
  • Every breed of cat needs different nutritional values. What you need to pay attention to is the amount of hair of the cat.
  • Factors such as the cat's weight, breed, age and neutering status directly affect the choice of food.

During the development phase, the nutritional values ​​and vitamins your little friends need may vary. For this reason, you need to pay attention to the fat and protein values ​​​​in cat food. You should be careful not to choose adult food, especially for kittens. If you still have a question mark on this issue, you should never avoid getting help from veterinarians.

What are the Cat Food Types?

Cat foods can be divided into flavor types with fish, chicken or red meat flavors. The subject of aroma, which can change according to your cat's taste, is actually a subject that you can explore completely by experimenting. Apart from aroma, cat food is divided into 3 categories as kitten food, adult cat food and neutered cat food. For this reason, you should pay attention to the package content when choosing formula. Otherwise, choosing the wrong cat food may cause undesirable effects on your cat's stomach system.

Although these factors are taken into consideration, the issue of calories is also of great importance. The calorie values ​​in cat food have an undeniable importance for your cat's weight. If you have an overweight and sedentary cat, you should choose low-calorie products.

What are the Points to Consider While Buying Cat Toys?

Cats have an instinct to hunt. That's why cats love prey-like cat toys. For example, if you swing an object suspended from the end of the string, it will want to catch the toy. This toy both entertains and helps them satisfy their hunting instincts.

There are also a variety of cat toys for cats to help them scratch their teeth. Teething cat toys help reduce our cats' gum and calculus problems. Cats may instinctively want to gnaw on everything around them during the teething phase, these teething cat toys are used to comfort them. When choosing cat toys, we should pay attention to the following items:

  • It must comply with health rules. It should be hygienic.
  • It should be durable, not torn apart, otherwise it may get into our cat's throat.
  • We should buy cat toys according to our cats' favorite colors and shapes.
  • We must choose according to our purpose. For example, we should choose different cat toys for teething or to meet our cats' scratching needs.
  • If we prefer audible cat toys, we can make our cats pay more attention.
  • When choosing cat toys with a string, we should be careful that they are not sharp and very thin. Otherwise, our cats may be harmed.

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