Two More International Awards for İGA Istanbul Airport

Two More International Awards to IGA Istanbul Airport
Two More International Awards for İGA Istanbul Airport

Turkey's gateway to the world, IGA Istanbul Airport, which was deemed worthy of the "Extraordinary Achievement" award by the Airline Passenger Experience Association (APEX), is also the "Best Syndicated Loan in EMEA" of EMEA Finance with its successful refinancing of 2021 billion Euros in 5,8. It achieved great success by reaching the “Best Syndicated Loan in the EMEA Region” award.

IGA Istanbul Airport, which is one of the most important global transfer centers in the world, continues to praise both Turkey and the Turkish aviation industry with the global awards it has received recently.

In this context, İGA Istanbul Airport has been appreciated for being an example in the sector with the special services it provides beyond the standards and for the awareness it has created, while it has realized the best syndication loan in its region with the sustainable refinancing it has realized. Crowning its achievements by reaching two important global awards one day apart, IGA Istanbul Airport is taking firm steps forward to become the best airport in the world with its inspiring services and accessible financial resources.

"Outstanding Achievement" award from APEX

IGA Istanbul Airport was deemed worthy of the "Extraordinary Achievement" award by the Airline Passenger Experience Association (APEX) 2022 evaluation. Standing out as the first airline rating program based on passenger feedback, APEX's 1,2 evaluation results, determined by the votes of 2022 million passengers, were announced at the award ceremony held in Dublin, the capital city of Ireland, on 8 June. While more than 600 million flights operated by approximately 1 airline companies around the world were rated by passengers in the categories of seat comfort, cabin service, catering, entertainment system and Wi-Fi; The “Extraordinary Achievement” award of APEX was presented to Ersin İnankul, Deputy General Manager of Digital Services and Trade at IGA.

Successful refinancing of 5,8 billion Euros brought an award

IGA Istanbul Airport, which also won this year's “Best Syndicated Loan in EMEA” – “Best Syndicated Loan in EMEA Region” award at the EMEA Finance Awards organized every year by the EMEA Finance magazine, has received two awards one day apart.

EMEA Finance, which regularly profiles key financial institutions and creates a platform for their target audience to gain a more complete and comprehensive understanding of their peers and industry news, evaluates and awards leading international financial companies every year.

In the awards, which were held for the 14th time this year, the successful refinancing that IGA implemented in 2021 with a cost of 5,8 billion Euros and extended its maturity by 2 years was also deemed worthy of the award. At the EMEA Finance Award Ceremony held in London, the capital city of England, on June 9, the “Best Syndication Loan in the EMEA Region” award was received on behalf of the company by Selahattin Bilgen, Deputy General Manager of Financial Affairs at IGA.

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