Tire Giant Pirelli Celebrates Its 150th Anniversary

Tire Giant Pirelli Celebrates Its Board's Anniversary
Tire Giant Pirelli Celebrates Its 150th Anniversary

As part of the 150th anniversary celebrations of tire giant Pirelli, Pirelli Turkey officials met with journalists at the Kocaeli Factory. At the meeting, where the transformation of the brand from past to present, representing a history full of industry, culture, tradition, technology and passion, was conveyed, press members shared Pirelli Turkey's innovative technologies and unique achievements in motor sports. kazanThey had the chance to discover the products of dıran.

Media members and Pirelli Turkey officials came together at the press meeting held at Pirelli Turkey's Kocaeli Plant. The leadership of the brand in the sector and its importance in the world of motor sports were emphasized at the event, where Pirelli's long-established history of 150 years was conveyed.

Press members met with Castrol Ford Turkey Team Director Serdar Bostancı and Ali Türkkan, one of Turkey's most talented young pilots who have won the European and Balkan Cup youth championships. They were informed about the global journey of . and its leadership in Turkey. Turkey Rally Champion Serdar Bostancı talked about the place of Pirelli Kocaeli factory both in his own sports life and in Turkish motor sports.

Gatti Comini: “Pirelli Turkey will continue to be the creator of trends in the tire industry”

In his presentation at the motor sports showroom of the Izmit factory, Gatti Comini stated that Pirelli has always had a pioneering vision thanks to the technologies it has developed and the products it offers in its 150-year history. Gatti Comini said, “Our company, which was founded 150 years ago in Milan, continues to invest in technology and innovation in its 12 factories in 19 countries today. Sharing its sustainability perspective with the new production models that emerged thanks to digitalization and Industry 4.0, Pirelli transfers its experience and knowledge in motor sports to automobile tires and meets the unique needs of the most sophisticated customers. Thanks to the tailor-made approach it has developed by collaborating with different manufacturers, it is the apple of the eye of premium automobile manufacturers.”

Gatti Comini stated that Pirelli, which was founded in 1872, has turned into a global brand in a short time with its breakthrough technologies, success in high-end products and its passion for innovation inspired by its Italian roots, adding, “Pirelli Turkey has a privileged place in the Pirelli Group. We will always continue to be the creator of trends in the tire industry with our production power and the products we produce in Turkey. We trust Turkey's potential and we will continue to grow with Turkey. While we continue to be on the tracks and on the roads with the products we offer for new generation vehicles, we will make safety, efficiency, durability and sustainability our compass in the future.” said.

expense: “We are the host of global achievements in motor sports”

Stating that Pirelli has been passionately devoted to motor sports for 115 years,Gidgi said that Pirelli is preferred by world-famous pilots in the most prestigious races of the world such as the World Rally Championship (WRC), GrandAm, Ferrari Challenge, Porsche Cup and Blancpain GT series.

“The Pirelli Izmit Factory, the first tire production facility in Turkey, has been producing over 2007 different types of racing tires for motor sports since 400. Our production facilities, also known as the "Factory of Champions", where we come together today, stand out with their more than 60 years of history and technologies that make us proud in the world's most prestigious races. Thanks to our tires produced with the valuable efforts of our colleagues, we are the host of Pirelli's global achievements in motor sports. We have contributed to more than 5 championships and more than 340 automobile and motorcycle races in 2200 continents. We will continue this support with products with new technologies that we will produce in the future.” said.

Bostancı: “Dozens of championships with Pirelli are not a coincidence”

Emphasizing that the Pirelli brand has always given the pilots confidence and provided superior performance in the races, Castrol Ford Turkey Team Director Serdar Bostancı said, “The Pirelli brand has been a great success for our team both in Turkey and Europe, both in my own piloting career and afterwards. kazanHe has a big share in the championships he has won.” used the phrases.

Stating that it is a must to have the best tire in an environment such as automobile sports where the limits of people and vehicles are challenged and the struggle is at a high level, Bostancı said, “Even if we have the best vehicle and the best pilot, the only thing that connects us with the ground is our tires. For this reason, during our 40 years of cooperation with Pirelli kazanThe dozens of championships we have won are not a coincidence.” said.

After the presentations by Pirelli Turkey officials, members of the press had the opportunity to visit the Izmit Factory and see Pirelli's superior technologies and production opportunities on site.

The “factory of champions” is at the heart of Pirelli's motorsport

The "factory of champions" in Izmit, together with Pirelli's renowned research and development unit in Milan, plays a crucial role in the Italian company's motorsport program. More than 36.000 employees work only in the production of racing tires in the 450 m² additional facility of the factory. A dedicated team of more than 1000 people around the world take care of a variety of motorsport requirements, including different races, from the hugely popular Brazilian Stock Car series to other Asian championships such as the China GT and the FIA ​​GT World Cup in Macau. Just like the talented young engineers working in Izmit… Because the real secret of Pirelli's success, both on the roads and on the tracks, lies in the skills and passion of its employees.

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