They Lost 6 Thousand Liras in 200 Months to BISIM

They Lose A Thousand Lira A Month To BISIMe
They Lost 6 Thousand Liras in 200 Months to BISIM

The damage to bicycles and parking lots belonging to BISIM, one of the sustainable transportation projects of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, left astonished again. The cost of the damage caused in BISIM only in the last six months has approached 200 thousand liras. The people of Izmir, who benefited from the project, suffered the most due to the disruption of the system.

The damage inflicted on BISIM, the smart bike rental system of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, hurts both the citizens and the institution. Locking mechanisms of bicycles and parking points are broken as a result of forcing and breaking, bicycles are stolen.

6 bikes stolen in 79 months

In the first six months of 2022, 79 bicycles belonging to BİSİM were stolen. The cost of the damage as a result of stealing, breaking and damaging approached 200 thousand liras. The materials needed to repair the damages, the repair cost and the labor spent for the repair prevent further service within the scope of the project. BISIM users, on the other hand, have to settle for fewer bikes and parking spaces.

Legal action is initiated

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality İZULAŞ General Directorate monitors BISIM stations with a camera. People who intentionally damage bicycles and stations are identified and legal action is taken against them.

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