The Foundation of Diyarbakir Logistics Center will be laid in the coming days

The Foundation of Diyarbakir Logistics Center will be laid in the days ahead
The Foundation of Diyarbakir Logistics Center will be laid in the coming days

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank said, “We have now come to the last threshold in the 'Diyarbakır Logistics Center Project', which will directly employ 5 people and cost approximately 400 billion liras. The groundbreaking ceremony of the project will be held in the coming days. said.

Minister Varank attended the "Karacadağ Development Agency Collective Opening Ceremony" held at Sezai Karakoç Culture and Congress Center as part of his contacts in Diyarbakır. Speaking here, Varank said that the ancient city of Diyarbakir has hosted artists, writers and scholars in every period of history, hosted the companions, and gained a different place in the Islamic geography as a city of peace and tranquility.


Varank stated that they are doing their best to carry Diyarbakır, one of the country's leading cities in agriculture and animal husbandry, to the top in terms of industry, and that they provide credit support to the organized industrial zones in the province to accelerate industrial investments.


Reminding that the number of OIZs in the city increased to 2002 with Diyarbakir Textile Specialized OIZ and Diyarbakir Karacadag OIZ established after 3, Varank noted that there is a demand in the districts as well, and that they will fulfill those demands and increase the number of OIZs in the province much more.


Minister Varank stated that they have provided Ministry loans of approximately 263 million TL in total for Diyarbakır OIZ and Diyarbakır Textile Specialized OIZ, and that the "Diyarbakır OIZ Treatment Project" was completed with the support of the Ministry and became operational at the end of last year.


Pointing out that approximately 263 thousand people from Diyarbakır are employed in 14 parcels that have started production in all OIZs as of today, Varank said, “In the last 19 years, we have issued nearly 1800 incentive certificates for companies that want to invest in this city. More than 850 of these have been completed. Thanks to these investments, 40 thousand people were employed in Diyarbakır. But this is Diyarbakir. These numbers are not enough for the brave people and industrialists of this city, they only whip them, motivate and encourage them for the better.” he said.


Minister Varank stated that he wanted to share important good news with the youth, industrialists and citizens of Diyarbakır and said, “Within the scope of the Working and Producing Youth Programme, there are 50 14 thousand square meters of indoor space for the 'apparel' sector in Bismil, Çermik, Ergani districts and Diyarbakır Textile Specialized OIZ. Hopefully, we will prepare the new factory building in 3 months. Approximately 70 thousand of our brothers from Diyarbakır will be employed in 4 projects that will be completed with our 5 million lira support. Our young people will find employment opportunities here. This project was realized with the great contributions of our Ministry of Youth and Sports. There is a huge demand. We are starting to get results. By Allah's leave, we will get very good results from here.” used the phrases.

5 thousand 400 EMPLOYMENTS

“Another good news; We just talked to our Governor, Diyarbakir Logistics Center Project.” Varank said, “We have now come to the last threshold in the 'Diyarbakır Logistics Center Project', which will provide direct employment to 5 people and cost approximately 400 billion liras. The groundbreaking ceremony of the project will be held in the coming days. One of Europe's largest logistics centers will be in Diyarbakır. In this sense, Diyarbakir will be one of the main veins in regional trade. This project is very important and valuable. Hopefully, when we come to a conclusion here, we will be able to see the economy of this city develop very differently.” he said.


Explaining that they will realize an investment of approximately 40 million liras with the 2022 Financial Support Program for Strategic Manufacturing Sectors (FindeS), designed with a regional development approach, with a budget of 152 million lira, Varank said that this support program will also be announced and companies can apply to the program.


Emphasizing that they will officially launch 4 projects that will add value to Diyarbakır, which were brought to life with the support of Karacadağ Development Agency, Varank said that the first of these projects with a total value of approximately 8 million TL is Diyarbakır STEM Center and Design Skills Workshops Project. Explaining that they provide training to students and teachers in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics in the established STEM Center, Varank noted that the students will be prepared for national and international competitions here.


Minister Varank also stated that this center will coordinate the "Design and Skills Workshops" to be established in 17 districts within the scope of the project, and that the quality of life of individuals with mental and physical disabilities will increase with the second project, the Break House for Individuals with Special Needs.


Noting that Diyarbakir is ready to contribute to the Turkish economy on a large scale, thanks to its human resource potential, developing industry, infrastructure and huge investments, Varank said that from now on, the only agenda of the city is investment, production, employment and exports.


Diyarbakır Governor Ali İhsan Su also stated that Diyarbakır is in a rapid development and that they are happy to bring 4 very important services together with the citizens and wished that the services they will open will be beneficial to the city and the country.


Karacadağ Development Agency Secretary General, Hasan Maral, stated that they carry out their activities under the coordination of the Ministry of Industry and Technology Development Agencies General Directorate, and stated that they continue to work within the framework of the regional plan and result-oriented programs for the 2014-2023 periods, and they provide project support.

Then the projects were inaugurated. The ceremony was attended by Bağlar Mayor Hüseyin Beyoğlu, Dicle University Rector Prof. Dr. Mehmet Karakoç, AK Party Diyarbakır Deputy Ebubekir Bal, AK Party MKYK member Abdurrahman Kurt, AK Party Provincial Chairman Muhammed Şerif Aydın, representatives of institutions and non-governmental organizations, business people and citizens attended.

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