Fight Against Irregular Migration Continues Uninterrupted

Irregular Gocle Struggle Continues Uninterrupted
Fight Against Irregular Migration Continues Uninterrupted

The Ministry of Interior announced the number of illegal immigrants from Afghanistan who have been sent to their country since January.

According to the statement made by the Ministry, as of January, a total of 11 illegal immigrants from Afghanistan, of which 646 are on 66 charter flights, and 6 of which are scheduled, have been returned to their country.

In addition to security measures at the borders to combat illegal immigration, inspections have increased. As a result of the intense operations and inspections of the law enforcement units, illegal immigrants from Afghanistan, who were caught in the last period, are deported to their countries by charter flights and scheduled flights. Since the New Year, 18 illegal immigrants from Afghanistan have been repatriated.

Inspections regarding the arrest of irregular migrants by law enforcement units continue at full speed. Turkey carries out its fight against irregular migration with a strategy that starts in the source country and ends in the source country. Within the scope of the studies carried out within the framework of the Turkey Irregular Migration Strategy Document and the National Action Plan, irregular migrants are sent to their countries by charter flights and scheduled flights.

Illegal Immigrants of Afghanistan Nationality Caught Recently Have Been Sent

A total of 7 foreign nationals from Afghanistan were deported in one day, with 2022 on 2 charter flights in Istanbul and Iğdır on 452 June 178, and 630 people, including illegal immigrants, caught in Yalova with scheduled flights from Istanbul Airport.

On June 04, 2022, in Yalova, 37 foreign immigrants were caught trying to escape by getting out of the vehicle in a truck on the Istanbul-Izmir highway in the Tavsanli Town of Yalova-Altinova district. After the completion of the procedures by the Yalova Governor's Office, he was transferred to Istanbul Tuzla Removal Center on 06 June 2022 for deportation.

178 illegal immigrants, including foreigners of Afghan nationality caught in Yalova, were sent to their countries from Istanbul Airport on 08.06.2022 by plane at 02.00 at night. The deportation procedures of 3.188 irregular immigrants from Afghanistan, whose travel documents are provided and travel plans are made, will continue.

About 25 Thousand Irregular Migrant Removal Centers

As of now, 89 foreigners from 24.344 different nationalities, whose proceedings are still ongoing in Removal Centers and law enforcement units, are under administrative detention to be deported. Of these foreigners, 14.255 are from Afghanistan, 3.681 from Pakistan, 1.823 from Syria and 4.585 from other nationalities.

More than 34 Thousand Immigrants Deported

Since the opening of flights to Afghanistan on January 27, 2022, a total of 11.646 Afghan nationals were repatriated, 66 with 6.610 charter flights and 18.256 with scheduled flights. The number of illegal immigrants sent to their country since the beginning of this year has reached 34.112.

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