Statement on Airports from the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure

Statement from the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure on Airports
Statement on Airports from the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure

The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure stated that Aydın Çıldır Airport has no cost to the state and is operating to generate revenue as per the contract, and Gökçeada Airport is kept operational due to its strategic importance and the island's connection with the mainland.

In the statement made by the Ministry, an evaluation was made regarding the allegations made in the media regarding the airports.

In the statement, it was noted that with the projects implemented in 20 years, it was instrumental in breaking the export records of the history of the Republic, and in achieving Turkey's 100-year development move in just 20 years.

While taking these steps, it was stated that some projects that will provide a sustainable and strong income contribution to the state by operating more efficiently with the cooperation of the private sector were built with the build-operate-transfer (BOT) model.

“Thanks to the advantages provided by the BOT model, the era of western-oriented investment has come to an end. We are investing in the whole of our country at the same time with our projects that we have planned with the mind of the state and implemented with the BOT. Only in the last three months, we have seen the 1915 Çanakkale Bridge, Tokat Airport, Malatya ring road serving the transit route of 16 provinces, Phaselis Tunnel between Antalya and Kemer, Pınarhisar and Çakıllı environment between Saray-Vize-Pınarhisar and Kırklareli. Rize-Artvin Airport, which is the 5th airport built by filling the sea in the world, is part of our strategy to turn the Black Sea into a 'Turkish trade lake' with its contribution to the tourism and trade of the region. We put it at the service of 's and the world.”

In the statement, the following evaluation was made by drawing attention to the contributions of the works to the country:

“Our projects, which prepare 84 million people for the future, which are the result of the state's mind and policies, and which we offer to the service of not only Turkey but also the world, work as a center of hype journalism. Sözcü The fact that the newspaper is the target of its lies does not mean that we will remain silent. Due to its strategic importance, the aviation industry is not only a sector that receives support for economic reasons, receives investment, and its infrastructure is strengthened. Airports are not just centers used for passenger or freight transportation. Airports provide access as soon as possible in case of any emergency. Especially in disasters such as floods and forest fires, the presence of an airport in the relevant region gives the chance to respond quickly and effectively. Our airports, which are under the responsibility of the General Directorate of State Airports Operations, are also used for military purposes. In addition, this is of course not only unique to our country, but also valid for the whole world. What is the purpose of assuming that journalism is an inferno, and of being hostile, when you can quickly access these simple reasons via the internet? Why didn't those who put forward the lie that 'it will be closed' for Atatürk Airport spent the same energy and motivation to convey the correct information about the Atatürk Airport National Garden, which will not be closed to flight, and will serve our nation in the best way by contributing to nature and quality of life?

“Budget is provided for other projects”

In the statement, which emphasized the information about the airports mentioned in the news where the allegations were shared, the following was noted:

“It is obvious that Çanakkale Gökçeada Airport has strategic importance due to its location at the entrance of the Aegean Sea and the Dardanelles Strait. Provides general aviation services, provided that preliminary permission is obtained from the General Directorate of Civil Aviation. Patients are transported between the mainland and the island using ambulance planes, helicopters and state aircraft. Aydın Çıldır Airport is operated by Turkish Airlines Joint Venture, with 7 percent of the net period profit to be obtained for each rental year to be transferred to our government as income. Serving since 25 March 2022, Tokat Airport has hosted 375 domestic flights and 21 passengers so far. Balıkesir Airport, on the other hand, is kept ready for use in case of emergency, in addition to the use of ambulance aircraft, helicopters and state aircraft. In other words, contrary to the 'false' implication, Aydın Çıldır Airport has no cost to the state and is in operation to generate revenue for the state as per the contract. Gökçeada Airport is operational due to its strategic importance and the connection of Gökçeada with the mainland. Tokat Airport is actively used by passengers. Balıkesir Airport is also kept open to be used whenever necessary. There is no passenger guarantee at any of these airports. By providing a direct income flow from the airports in total, budgets are provided for other projects.”

In the statement, it was reminded that the number of airports rose to 2002, which was 26 in 57, and underlined that Turkey is connected to the world through transportation projects.

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