Government Support of 20 Million TL for Projects Concerning Electric Cars

State Support of Million TL for Projects Concerning Electric Cars
Government Support of 20 Million TL for Projects Concerning Electric Cars

The increase in demand for electric cars, which is also striking in the latest sales data, is expected to peak in the future with TOGG. Our country, which has 3 electric vehicle charging stations, continues its efforts to reach a sufficient number to meet this increasing demand. With the regulation published in the Official Gazette, it is stated that 500 percent of the expenditures in the projects for filling stations will be provided with non-refundable support. Üçay Group, which will provide sales and service to increase the filling points to a sufficient level, has made another innovation. Announcing that they started converting their vehicle fleets to 75% electric vehicles with an investment of more than 1 million dollars in March, Üçay Group CEO Turan Şakacı said, “We aim to change our vehicle fleet to consist of electric charging stations by continuing this investment and to zero our carbon footprint.” used the phrases.

Electric vehicle sales around the world continue to increase exponentially day by day. In our country, the upward trend in fuel prices due to exchange rate movements and the rise in oil prices in international markets causes consumers' purchasing preferences to turn to electric vehicles. In the statements made by many world-famous automotive brands, it was stated that by 2030, completely electric cars will be produced. Electric vehicles, designed by Turkey's Automotive Initiative Group (TOGG) based on this need and vision for the future, and targeted to be on the roads locally and nationally in 2023, are eagerly awaited by consumers. A remarkable innovation move came from Üçay Group, which continues to work on the installation of electric charging stations, another important issue as important as the national electric vehicle project in our country, and aims to be a leader in its field.


Despite the rapid increase in demand for electric vehicles in our country, the adequacy of charging stations is among the most curious questions of users. Taking action to solve this problem, Üçay Group signed a partnership agreement with the power management company EATON last October. According to the agreement, Üçay Group will bring solutions such as AC and DC charging stations, load balancing units, network charging management software (CNM) and RFID payment systems, which are vital for electric vehicles, to Turkey, and will also undertake the sales and after-sales representation. announced that they aim to renew it in a way that it will form an electric vehicle charging station.


In Turkey, where gasoline and diesel cars continue to escape, infrastructure systems required by electric vehicles have been the focus of investments. With the regulation that came into force after being published in the official newspaper, it was decided to support investments in fast charging stations in the field of mobility, which has the potential to accelerate development in multiple sectors.

It has been stated that 75 percent of the expenditures in the projects will be provided with non-refundable support, while the amount of the aid in question will be limited to 20 million TL. Our country, where there are currently 3 filling stations, has accelerated its steps towards the future with this program of the Ministry of Industry and Technology.


Stating that there are very important developments regarding the electric vehicle market in Turkey and in the world, Üçay Group CEO Turan Şakacı emphasized that electric vehicles will take an important place in the preferences of consumers in the coming period. Şakacı stated that he believes that the demand in the electric vehicle market will increase with the launch of the domestic and national vehicle project TOGG.


The importance they attach to renewable energy sources is even more important in this process. kazanExplaining that they will update their vehicle fleet to consist entirely of electric vehicles, Şakacı said, “As Üçay Engineering, in addition to zeroing our carbon footprint, the importance we attach to renewable energy sources is increasing in the face of constantly increasing fuel costs. In this context, we will renew our entire vehicle fleet to consist of electric cars. In line with our decision, we added 1 25% electric cars to our vehicle fleet with an investment of more than 100 million dollars. We aim to continue this investment in the short and medium term and to change our fleet to 50 percent, and then all of it, to electric cars.” used the phrases.


The interest in electric vehicles in our country draws attention with the increase in sales figures. According to January data in Turkey, electric car sales increased by 237,2 to 2 thousand 846 compared to the previous year, while hybrid automobile sales reached 105,1 thousand 49 with an increase of 493 percent. The share of electric cars in total sales increased from 0,1 percent to 0,5 percent compared to the previous year; The share of hybrid cars increased from 4 percent to 8,8 percent. On the other hand, the rate of sales of diesel-powered vehicles, whose production has been gradually reduced worldwide, decreased from 39,5 percent last year to 19,7 percent. It is estimated that the increasing trend in electric vehicle sales and the market share will increase in the future in line with the future planning in the automotive industry.


Within the scope of combating global warming, many leading automotive brands in the sector form the basis of their future plans in line with the transition to electric models. While many world-famous brands announce that they will switch to fully electric vehicle production by 2030, billions of dollars are invested within the framework of this plan.

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