Simultaneous Iron Fist Operations in 29 Provinces

Simultaneous Iron Fist Operation was Carried out in the Province
Simultaneous Iron Fist Operations in 29 Provinces

A simultaneous Iron Fist operation was organized in 105 Ankara-based provinces against companies that manipulated the iron-steel market, disrupted the price stability, left the companies in the industry out of the way and monopolized it, and inflicted 25 billion dollars in losses on the public with 29 billion fake invoices through the front companies they established. So far, 3 people have been detained in the operation, including Erol Eşrefoğlu (Evcil) and the leader of 250 different criminal organizations, and detention continues.

Ankara Chief Public Prosecutor's Office; He launched an investigation against criminal organizations operating as a producer in the Iron and Steel Industry and trying to monopolize by getting stronger, for the crimes of establishing an organization for the purpose of committing a crime, qualified fraud, bribery and opposition to the Tax Procedure Law No. 213. Within the scope of the investigation, officers of the Fight Against Financial Crimes Branch, Tax Inspection Board Inspectors and MASAK personnel formed a joint working group at the Ankara Security Directorate campus, and KOM teams also supported this group.

Technical Follow-up for 10 Months, 3 Separate Criminal Organizations Detected

While the joint working group that was formed meticulously evaluated every information, document and detail during the preparation phase of the operation, it also implemented the measures of listening and physical monitoring for 10 months. As a result of these studies, 3 different criminal organizations operating in the Iron and Steel industry were identified.

They Created a Monopoly

It is unfair by means of front companies that these cover companies have established through third parties by manipulating the iron and steel market, disrupting the price stability, trying to become a monopoly by disabling other companies in the sector, and issuing fake invoices. kazanIt was determined that they provided three.

They Inflicted 25 Billion Lira Loss on the Public

It was determined that the companies caused a loss of 105 billion liras to the public with the fake invoices of 25 billion liras. (The amount of invoices issued by the front companies within the scope of the organization in 2021 is almost as much as the allowance allocated by the Republic of Turkey for EDUCATION)

Simultaneous Operations in 29 Provinces Based in Ankara

As a result of the meticulous work of the team consisting of Ankara Police, Tax Inspection Board and MASAK personnel for 10 months, the operation button was pressed this morning. Based in Ankara, a simultaneous Iron Fist operation was carried out in 29 cities, including Istanbul, Hatay, Izmir, Adana and Kocaeli. 840 teams, 2100 personnel, 250 Tax Inspectors and MASAK personnel took part in the operation.

While detention warrants were issued for 374 persons in the operation, 250 persons have been detained so far. Among those taken into custody, there are 3 different crime organization leaders, including Erol Eşrefoğlu (Evcil). Search and seizure operations continue at 14 factories and 850 addresses.

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