Presidency of Turkish Statistical Institute to Recruit 50 Contracted Personnel

Presidency of Turkish Statistical Institute
Presidency of Turkish Statistical Institute

Appendix 657 of the Principles Regarding the Employment of Contracted Personnel, which was put into effect with the paragraph (B) of Article 4 of the Civil Servants Law No. 6, and the Decision of the Council of Ministers dated 6/1978/7 and numbered 15754/2, to be employed in the central and provincial units of the Presidency of the Turkish Statistical Institute. In line with subparagraph (c) of the first paragraph of the article, 2020 KPSS (group B) KPSS P3 score ranking, among the candidates 4 (four) times the vacant position for each unit, 50 candidates are selected according to the results of the oral exam to be held by our Presidency, as shown in the table. (fifty) Contracted Personnel (Interviewer) will be recruited.

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a) To fulfill the conditions specified in Article 657 of the Civil Servants Law No. 48,

b) As of the application deadline, at least 4 (four) year undergraduate departments of domestic universities or universities abroad, provided that the diploma equivalence is approved by the Council of Higher Education; Statistics, Statistics and Computer Science, Mathematics, Mathematics and Computer Science, Management Information Systems, Information Systems and Technologies, Economics, Econometrics, Economics, Economics and Finance, Labor Economics and Industrial Relations, Business Administration, Public Administration, Political Science and Public Administration, Graduated from Finance, International Relations departments,

c) To be among the candidates 2020 (four) times the announced position as a result of ranking the applicants starting from the highest score, provided that they get a minimum score of 3 (seventy) or higher from the KPSS P70 score type in the 4 Public Personnel Selection Exam held by the OSYM Presidency.


a) Not to have completed the age of thirty as of the first day of January of the year in which the exam is held, (Those born on 01.01.1992 or later can apply.)

b) Preferably to have received a Surveyor certificate from the Vocational Qualifications Authority.


After filling the Job Request Form, which can be found on the website of the Presidency of Turkish Statistical Institute,, completely and correctly, together with the other documents stated below, Turkish Statistical Institute Presidency State District
Necatibey Caddesi No:114 06420 Ministries Çankaya/ANKARA Headquarters of the Turkish Statistical Institute, by hand delivery to the Personnel Department or by post at the address mentioned on the deadline. Delays in the mail, applications received after the date specified in the announcement, and those who submit missing documents or unsigned Job Request Forms will not be considered.

Applications will start on 01/06/2022 and end at the end of working hours (10:06) on 2022/18/00.

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