Poetry Lines Train Departs from Istanbul Sirkeci Station

Poetry Lines Train Departed from Istanbul Sirkeci Station
Poetry Lines Train Departs from Istanbul Sirkeci Station

The "Poetry Lines Train", organized jointly by the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, within the scope of the Capital Culture Road Festival, set off from Sirkeci Station. The train will reach Ankara at the end of the journey of 15 poets together with nearly 100 high school and university students. During the event, the last stop of which is Ankara Train Station, many workshops are held as well as poetry readings. Poetry recitals were performed by poets at the event held at Sirkeci Train Station.

Local and foreign poets and literature students set out for Ankara from the historical Sirkeci Train Station on the Poetry Lines Train, which was carried out with the cooperation of TCDD, Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Fatih, Altındağ and Mamak municipalities.

Speaking at the farewell ceremony, Ministry of Culture and Tourism Deputy Director General of Libraries and Publications Taner Beyoğlu said that the "Poetry Lines Train" event connects the ongoing Cultural Road Festivals in Istanbul and Ankara. Beyoğlu stated that both Istanbul and Ankara hosted very important poets and said, “Istanbul is of course the greatest cultural remnant of our civilization. Ankara, on the other hand, is a literary city that hosted many poets with its long-running literary magazines and hosted many poets and writers in the Assembly during the founding years of the Republic. We wanted to emphasize this reality with this event.” said. Thanking those who contributed to the event, Beyoğlu stated that they wanted to include poetry in life with the Poetry Lines Train.

İsmail Çağlar, Deputy General Manager of TCDD, who attended the event, underlined that trains have always been a source of inspiration for artists. Emphasizing that local and foreign poets will travel together with the Poetry Lines Train and make a significant contribution to the world cultural heritage, İsmail Çağlar said that the project is a very important example for cultural and literary tourism.

Poets Zeynep Arkan, Zeynep Tuğçe Karadağ, Aykut Nasip Kelebek, Cengizhan Orakçı, Ercan Yılmaz, Adnan Özer, Krisztina Rita Molnar, Vladimir Martinovski, Ahmad Zakaria and Armando Alanis (Pulido) recited their poems at the event to send off the Poetry Lines Train.

Poems will be read and workshops will be held on the journey of the "Poetry Lines Train", the last stop of which departs from Istanbul, is Ankara Train Station, and the poets are accompanied by literature enthusiasts from universities and high schools.

Adnan Özer, Alphan Akgül, Aykut Nasip Kelebek, Baki Ayhan T, Cengizhan Orakçı, Ercan Yılmaz, Hüseyin Akın, Metin Celal, Ömer Erdem, Zeynep Arkan, Zeynep Tuğçe Karadağ and from abroad Ahmad Zakaria, Krisztina Rita Molnar, Vladimir Martinovski, Armando Alanis (Pulido) will participate in the opening of the "Satırbaşı Ankara Book Exhibition" held at the Presidential Symphony Orchestra (CSO) Island Hall as part of the Başkent Cultural Road Festival and will recite their poems for the people of Ankara afterwards.

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