Peace Practice for Combating Irregular Migration

Tranquility Practice to Combat Irregular Immigration
Peace Practice for Combating Irregular Migration

General Directorate of Security, Gendarmerie General Command and Coast Guard Command units, together with the provincial units of the Migration Management Directorate, in order to effectively fight against irregular migration and migrant smuggling, derelict places where foreign nationals can stay, areas where they mostly reside, public entertainment venues, truck garages. Peace to Fight Against Irregular Migration-(28/06) application was carried out at 2022 points with 39.633 personnel and 180 detector dogs on 8.449/2022/6 at terminals, ports and fishermen's shelters, public transport stops and stations.

In the Peace-(2022/6) application for Combating Irregular Migration;

  • 5.971 abandoned buildings,
  • 10.922 public places,
  • 461 terminals and
  • A total of 3.904 other locations
  • 21.258 places were checked.

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